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Chapter 3430 - Crape Myrtle

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Chapter 3430: Crape Myrtle

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“There are only four people who can walk this path and take this step. Even if I am not encountering Qin Xiu in this round, I am bound to meet him eventually. The next round I will probably encounter Qin Xiu.” Han Sen did not care which opponent he was going to encounter.

Seeing the area open up ahead of him, he watched a person emerge from the clouds. Han Sen was shocked by who it was.

The person’s body glowed with a god light. He was like a sun in the sky. He was a God Spirit, but Han Sen could not recall this God Spirit. He was more than a little surprised.

“Weird. I have met the 12 Annihilation main gods and God Hall Leader, so why have I never seen this person before?” Han Sen checked out the God Spirit.. His brain quickly jumped to think, “Even if the 12 Annihilation-class God Spirits wanted to take part in the geno tablet fights and were able to reach the top four, this nameless God Spirit is the one that made the effort to do so. This is so weird.”

The God Spirits were different from ordinary creatures. They relied on their god temples and god bases. The levels and strength of a God Spirit correlated with the god temple and god base they possessed. Their powers would be higher. It was hard to believe such a nameless God Spirit had been able to walk this far.

This God Spirit was a man. He looked pretty, but his body was very big. He was so perfect that one could not nit-pick the smallest of flaws. Not even men could find anything bad to say about him.

“Are you a God Spirit from the geno hall?” Han Sen wondered if that God Spirit was a wild god. Otherwise, it would not make sense that he had been able to make this step.

The God Spirit nodded and said, “Yes.”

This answer surprised Han Sen. Han Sen asked, “What is your god title?”

“I am just an unknown, small God Spirit,” the God Spirit said with a smile. “I am of the lowest tier, just a small Destroyed-class God Spirit. If I tell you my title, I am afraid you will never have heard of it before.”

“If you do not tell me, how am I supposed to know if I have never heard it before or have?” Han Sen was smiling too, but he thought, “Just a Destroyed-class God Spirit? If so, how has he been able to reach the top four?”

The God Spirit stopped resisting and provided his name. “My name is Crape Myrtle. Have you heard about me before, Mister Dollar?”

Han Sen ransacked his memory, but he could not remember ever hearing this name before. He had never heard of a God Spirit parading around with this sort of title.

“From now on, I will remember this name,” Han Sen answered.

Crape Myrtle smiled. His smile was like a warm spring sun that could make people drown in an intoxicating haze. “You are welcome, Mister Dollar. To be able to fight you is going to be a great pleasure for me. Please, teach me a thing or two in our engagement.”

After Crape Myrtle said, the creatures of the two universes sighed. After watching Han Sen’s last three supposed fights, and with Crape Myrtle calling him a mister, they no longer worried about Crape Myrtle giving up like Wang Yuhang and the others.

“I say, Han Sen’s luck is not always so good then, is it? It is about time he did something for real.”

“Is Crape Myrtle really a Destroyed-class God Spirit? Surely a Destroyed-class God Spirit cannot be strong enough to reach the top four. Has he merely been as lucky as Han Sen with all of his rivals giving up?”

People weren’t only just interested in Han Sen now. They were interested in the Crape Myrtle, who was a God Spirit they had never heard of before.

“I do not think I will be able to teach you much, but I will do my best.” Han Sen performed an appreciative gesture and allowed Crape Myrtle to attack first.

“In that case, you better watch out, Mister Dollar,” Crape Myrtle said as a godly power arose around him. A sky full of stars was born, and it covered the whole arena.

In the 33 skies, there was no sun, no stars, and no moon. Now, it was flickering. When Han Sen had a closer look, he was given a shock. The star was not something thick that was made from god powers. It was a real planet. The planet was so lively that it looked like there were lots of lifeforms living there.

“Using god powers to make space is impressive. This guy cannot simply be a Destroyed-class God Spirit,” Han Sen shockingly thought.

Crape Myrtle still had not attacked, so Han Sen’s powers had not been triggered. He could not check out the planet properly, but it was just that his foe was exuding a presence that was greater than a Destroyed-class God Spirit.

Crape Myrtle said, “Mister Dollar, watch this. My skill is called Star Chess Cloth.” A sky full of stars changed to become something alive.

A sky full of starlight crossed each other and went for Han Sen.

Thousands of stars combined, and Han Sen’s powers were activated. Han Sen was most surprised about his eyes when his powers were triggered. He could not see where the flaws of the stars were.

Every star had a different element and type of starlight. Out of the tens of thousands of planets, there were no two planets that had a starlight element that was the same. It was like all of space was starlight, and it was combining all the elements of the universe.

Starlight substances of tens of thousands of different elements combined. It was like the complete rules of the universe. There weren’t any flaws, and there was not anything missing.

“If there are no flaws, then power can break it.” Han Sen’s eyes froze. His hands gathered up power. He lifted a star and planned on hitting the starlight.

Amidst the endless starlight, it touched Han Sen’s hands and made him suffer a shock. The starlight that seemed so scary did not have any power. It touched down on his hand like a normal light shining on his hand. It made his hands look purple and red, but they were not destructive.

Han Sen was shocked because he had just found out that the scary, powerful starlight did not have power. It was immune to his body. The starlight had no power. It was like a shadow.

It did not matter if Han Sen could not tell, but this time, his body had been tricked by the light shadow. His powers were activated. This was the first time this had happened to Han Sen.

Even Demon Alpha, Asura, and other elites like that could not trick Han Sen’s body, but Crape Myrtle was able to do it. This was scary.

“Who are you?” Han Sen looked at Crape Myrtle. He did not believe Crape Myrtle was just a Destroyed-class God Spirit. The universe could not have a powerful Destroyed-class God Spirit like that. Even if there was, it would be an Annihilation class one already.

“Mister Dollar is so forgetful,” Crape Myrtle said. “My name is Crape Myrtle.” He then flashed with a god light and said, “Pay attention, Mister Dollar. My skill is called Star Change.”

When the god light of Crape Myrtle’s body changed, a sky full of stars started to change too. It rained down starlight that had been created by a thousand stars.

Han Sen did not end up rushing just because of his misjudgment. He did not want to be reckless. He raised his hand and reached for the star. He discovered that the star did not have any power. It was still just an empty shadow.

Crape Myrtle kept using many different skills. He used seven. None of them seemed to contain power. He used seven shadow skills that did not do anything, and they tricked Han Sen’s body seven times.

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