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/ Sweet Rustic Love: Four Brothers’ Wife /

Chapter 1071 - Overwhelmed By Guilt And Distress

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Chapter 1071: Overwhelmed By Guilt And Distress

He was not a talker to begin with, so now he did not know what he should say.

There was a long pause before he managed a few words. “Good to have you back!”

Dongfang Ming stayed in the carriage. He waited until Ye Mo had walked through the gate before instructing the driver to take him away.

He thought the family would have lots to talk about without him barging in. He could always visit the next day.

In the few minutes it took for them to walk from the gate to the hall, the two brothers stayed silent, not knowing how to approach the topic!

When Ye Liu saw them, all hell broke loose.

“Mo? Mo, you’re back!” Ye Liu’s eyes instantly began watering, but he restrained his tears from flowing out.

He examined Ye Mo thoroughly and only felt relieved when he could not find any wounds.

“Mo, where have you been? Were you kidnapped? We’ve been worried sick!”

Ye Mo was feeling teary too, but he held it in.

He looked at Yang and Liu, who looked obviously exhausted, and was overwhelmed by guilt and distress.

“I’m sorry to have made you worry!”

“Don’t say that. Now, tell us, where have you been? Someone kidnapped you, is that it?” Ye Liu asked as he discreetly wiped a tear away.

Ye Yang slightly frowned as he gazed directly at Mo, waiting for his reply.

The cause for Mo’s disappearance had been on their minds. If they did not get to the bottom of the kidnapping and set up preventative measures, they were afraid it would happen a second time.

Mo was the victim this time. Who could be next?

Regardless of to whom, they would not let it happen again!

Ye Mo’s fury rose. Gritting his teeth, he said, “It was that bitch, Wang Xiangyun!”

Wang Xiangyun?

Ye Yang and Ye Liu could not believe she was the one behind it.

Between them, they had next to no disputes in the past, and they rarely came into contact with her. Why had she kidnapped Mo?

Despite their confusion, the two let their younger brother finish his story.

“I was walking on the street the other day, planning to hit the bookstore to get some books for that kid, Ran Er. Then someone knocked me out and brought me to the countryside. I didn’t know it was Wang Xiangyun at first, because I’d been blindfolded.”

Ye Mo told his brothers everything that had happened during his imprisonment, but he skipped over the part where Wang Xiangyun almost tainted him.

He had been tied up, so how could he have fought back?

He was afraid his brothers would misunderstand, so he would rather not say. It might worry his wife even more.

There might be a gap between him and her, and he did not want that!

Ye Yang and Ye Liu never expected that Wang Xiangyun, a highly-educated woman, would commit such a heinous deed.

How could she be so petty?

Brother Dongfang was fortunate to have canceled their marriage!

Ye Mo knew he had left out some details, so by the end of his story he seemed distracted and unable to look his brothers in the face.

“We’ll talk tomorrow,” Ye Yang suddenly said.

It was late. Since Mo had returned home safely, they all needed a good night’s rest. They would need to be in their best states to greet their wife tomorrow.

They were her support pillars. They could not risk breaking down!

Ye Liu knew what his eldest brother meant, so he nodded. “Mo, let’s head to bed. I believe you haven’t slept well these few days. We’ll need to be at our best tomorrow, when you see Little Duo again!”

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