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Chapter 2475 - Dharma of the Alacanatha Battle Form

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Chapter 2475: Dharma of the Alacanatha Battle Form

Ye Futian looked at all the Buddhas in the sky. Although he felt the pressure distinctly, he would still face it with the utmost tranquility.

In Spirit Mountain of Western Heaven, all the Buddhas in the sky, from the bottom-up, were organized with an obvious hierarchy. Those Buddhas with stronger cultivation were sitting in higher places. It seemed that there were several layers of heavens.

This was something that Ye Futian took notice of. Everything in the world had its own order; the same held true for even the Buddhas.

“Ye Futian, you had killed disciples of Buddhism. How dare you show your face in Spirit Mountain of Western Heaven?” There was a voice that came from above, chastising him. A pressure of might now spread towards Ye Futian as many eyes fell on him. Many of them were obviously hostile.

They never imagined that Ye Futian would dare to come here and step on the ultimate holy land of Western Heaven.

Ye Futian looked around at the Buddhas. His expression was calm enough. He asked, “May I ask the Buddhas this? What if someone was trying to take your cultivation, robbing you of your divine items, and threatening your life? What would you do?”

No one answered him, but they knew why he asked. Everything that happened previously in Six Desires Heaven was because those cultivators had attempted to take the divine body away from him.

“I ask the Buddhas humbly: would people who act like this be worthy of being called Buddhas?” Ye Futian followed up with yet another question.

On the Spirit Mountain of Western Heaven, there was a moment of silence. Then a great Buddha responded, “Not worthy.”

“In that case, I haven’t slain any Buddha. These claims are nothing more than baseless, false accusations.” Ye Futian clasped his hands together and continued, “Ye Futian came here today, seeking an audience with the Lord of All Buddhas.”

As the Buddhas whispered amongst themselves, many Buddhist cultivators glanced at Hua Qingqing, who stood behind Ye Futian. They could discern that there was something extraordinary about her.

However, for Ye Futian to take her here to see the Lord of All Buddhas was clearly a bit self-aggrandizing on Ye Futian’s part.

Of course, they also knew that Ye Futian came here this time because he wanted to emulate Donghuang.

“Ye Futian, you came from Divine Prefecture and have only been in the Western Heaven for a few months. For what reason do you think you deserve an audience with the Lord of All Buddhas?” a Buddha asked.

Some people even jeered in their hearts. This guy had not a clue of his own ability nor its limits.

“Buddha says that all beings are equal, and there is no distinction of high and low. I am here sincerely asking for an audience. Why is that forbidden?” Ye Futian asked in return.

“All beings are equal, and there is no distinction between high and low. However, there is a distinction between high and low in Buddhist methods,” someone replied.

“Ye Futian, the All Buddhas Conference is a time when all Buddhists gather to study the methods with each other. We know that you meant to emulate the feat of Donghuang the Great, but you have only cultivated in Buddhist methods for mere months. It’s still a long way away from when you can compete using Buddhist methods. Furthermore, even if you are outstanding in Buddhist methods, it is no guarantee whether the Lord of All Buddhas wishes to grant you an audience. All beings are indeed equal. It is precisely because of this that all beings have no obligation to agree to any demands from the others.”

Ye Futian nodded slightly and said, “I understand it is completely up to the Lord of All Buddhas to decide whether he will receive me or not. Although I have only cultivated Buddhist methods for a short time, I know that the cultivation does not lie in the length of time. I have no intention to follow in the footsteps of Donghuang the Great. I am only here because I desire an audience with the Lord of All Buddhas. Since this is the only opportunity available to me, that is why I am here.”

As he was speaking, he took a few steps forward and said, “Therefore, Ye Futian would like to exchange Buddhist methods with the Buddhas who are in attendance. Please advise.”

He put his hands together once again and bowed to salute them. He appeared to be very respectful. However, he was neither obsequious nor arrogant when facing all these Buddhas in the sky. He was extremely calm and confident.

Upon the Spirit Mountain, Buddha’s peaceful and benevolent Light covered this space, making it more holy than ever. The Buddhas looked at the man with white hair, and they were a little curious. Hundreds of years ago, another cultivator came from Divine Prefecture to exchange with the Buddhas. What would be the difference between this one and Donghuang the Great from once upon a time?

“Since Benefactor Ye wants to have an exchange in Buddhist methods, who is willing to give it a try?” said a great Buddha at the highest place of Spirit Mountain, clearly granting Ye Futian’s request.

Ye Futian looked over there and saw that the speaker was none other than Wutian Buddha Lord himself, and he felt a little relieved. His uninvited presence at Spirit Mountain of Western Heaven was truly a bit disrespectful. The worst-case scenario was he being forcibly driven out of Spirit Mountain. If that happened, it would definitely be impossible for him to see the Lord of All Buddhas.

The words of Wutian Buddha Lord, no doubt, gave him a fighting chance.

All the Buddhas in the sky fixed their eyes on Ye Futian. They could perceive Ye Futian’s cultivation at the peak of Renhuang in the Eighth-Realm. And they had long heard of Ye Futian’s combat effectiveness. When he was in the Original Realm, they had already heard that Ye Futian was an invincible existence in the Renhuang realm. With the help of the divine body, he could punish even those who had survived the Divine Tribulation of the Great Path.

Of course, Ye Futian couldn’t leverage the divine body or any other objects at present. He had only the option to fight using Buddhist methods.

And Ye Futian had only cultivated the Buddhist methods for a few months. It was in this context that the Buddhas had taken Ye Futian’s cultivation into consideration.

At this moment, a Buddha came forward. His entire body was brilliant and massive; it was as if cast from pure gold. His cultivation was exceptional—Buddhist Path Ninth-Realm, which was equivalent to peak Renhuang.

“This is Giant Spirit Buddha,” Wutian Buddha Lord introduced. Giant Spirit Buddha bowed with his hands together in front of him, and said to Ye Futian, “Benefactor Ye, pleased to meet you.”

Ye Futian looked at Giant Spirit Buddha, who was several heads taller than himself. His hands clasped in front of him, and he was surrounded by golden light. He sat down cross-legged and said, “There is a mention in Buddhist scriptures that as long as the Buddha’s heart is determined and faithful, it cannot be shaken, and that Acalanatha Battle Form could be achieved. Is that correct?”

“It seems that Benefactor Ye has indeed paid attention in the cultivation of Buddhist methods,” praised the Giant Spirit Buddha.

“If so, please go ahead.” When Ye Futian finished speaking, he, who was sitting cross-legged, closed his eyes. His heart was as steady and indestructible a rock. His entire body was shining with golden-divine light, and a humongous Buddha statue appeared now, turning into the Dharma of Acalanatha Battle Form. Both of its hands were held in different positions. It was as if his thoughts had been proven and had turned him into a Buddha.

This sight truly astonished the many Buddhas on the Spirit Mountain, and the Giant Spirit Buddha was no exception. However, his body began to expand and enlarge. It turned into a Buddha, which was about the same size as the Alacanatha Battle Form, but even more stalwart and full of power.

The expanded version of Giant Spirit Buddha was holding a Vajra pestle radiated with the Light of Buddha. He picked it up overhead with both his hands and smashed directly towards the Alacanatha Buddha Form. However, Ye Futian remained motionless, his eyes closed. His inaction caused many people to sweat for him.

When the Vajra pestle blasted down, a violent roar was heard, and the Alacanatha Battle Form shook because of it. But its golden torso did not suffer the slightest crack, and it remained as immovable as a mountain, true to the meaning of indestructibility.

The Golden Light of Buddha circulated above the Dharma of the Acalanatha Battle Form; it was as if many Buddhist runes were floating around, making him a true incarnation of the Buddha.

When he saw this, the Giant Spirit Buddha knew that he had lost. He put down the Vajra pestle and put his hands together to bow to Ye Futian. “Just as Benefactor Ye said, the cultivation of Buddhism does not depend on the length of time spent in cultivation. For you to achieve the Acalanatha Battle Form in just a few months and comprehend the truth therewithin, I dare say Benefactor Ye is indeed predestined with my Lord Buddha. Little monk, I am ashamed that I am not fit to compete.”

After that, the Giant Spirit Buddha stepped back out of his own volition.

Ye Futian came to the Spirit Mountain of the Western Heaven to exchange Buddhist methods, and in just one battle, he had demonstrated his attainments in Buddhist methods to all the Buddhas in the Western Heaven!

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