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Chapter 2480 - Space Battle Form

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Chapter 2480: Space Battle Form

There were countless Buddhas gathering at Spirit Mountain of Western Heaven. Among them were many ancient Buddhas who had years of experience. They were present when Donghuang the Great visited Spirit Mountain a few centuries ago.

Even up until now, the scene remained fresh in their memories.

Ye Futian was somewhat different from Donghuang the Great. The Buddhas who had experienced what happened in the past were well aware of this. In the past, even before Donghuang the Great set foot in the World of Buddhism, he actually had read countless Buddhist scriptures and had cultivated the Buddhist Path.

Exactly because of his involvement in Buddhism, Donghuang the Great came to Spirit Mountain of Western Heaven with the intention of seeking the Buddhist Path from the Lord of All Buddhas. When Donghuang the Great came to seek pointers from Spirit Mountain, his performance was even more stunning than Ye Futian’s. Not only did he fight and defeat the Buddhas using Buddhist superpowers, but he also debated with them. His comprehension of Buddhist doctrine was on par with that of many senior Buddhas.

Therefore, Donghuang the Great could be considered a true, unprecedented genius. His abilities were unrivaled. Many senior Buddhas felt ashamed of their shortcomings when faced with him. Not only was Donghuang the Great well-versed in all kinds of Buddhist doctrine, but he also had a profound understanding of them. This caused many Buddhas who were on Spirit Mountain of Western Heaven back then felt disgraced. Because of that, the Buddhas on Spirit Mountain of Western Heaven were divided into two factions based on their opinion of Donghuang the Great. Some of them were resentful of him because he had embarrassed them, while some of them respected and admired him.

The Buddhas could still remember when the Lord of All Buddhas revealed himself and met Donghuang the Great. The first question Donghuang the Great had for him was: what was his view of the world now that he had proven his Way as Bodhi?

It was apparent from this that Donghuang the Great already had great ambition back then. In terms of cultivation, Ye Futian now could not compare with Donghuang the Great centuries ago. They weren’t even on the same level.

However, the various Buddhas felt they were seeing another Donghuang the Great because there was something different about Ye Futian, just like Donghuang the Great. Ye Futian had just come in contact with the Buddhist Path and joined a Buddhist sect for mere months. In such a short span of time, he had comprehended Buddhist doctrine and used Buddhist superpowers to defeat various Buddhas, dominating the battles as he advanced to the top level of Spirit Mountain.

The various Buddhas saw the image of Donghuang the Great in him.

Of course, there was also another area where Ye Futian and Donghuang the Great were similar.

When Donghuang the Great previously came to Spirit Mountain, no one could get a read on him, even when using Buddhist superpowers.

Now, it was also the same for Ye Futian. Clairvoyance could not pry into everything in his mind. They couldn’t see through to his past or future.

This made the various Buddhas feel as though these two individuals were men of destiny. They were born extraordinary and were destined for exceptional achievements. That was why Clairvoyance bore no results.

The various Buddha Lords all wanted to get a read on Ye Futian. However, the result was always the same, just like with Donghuang the Great back then.

Ye Futian did not know what the various Buddhas were thinking. He continued advancing upwards. Shenyan Buddha Lord was staring at Ye Futian. Ye Futian had actually made his way up here.

Centuries ago, Donghuang the Great had already done this once before. Now, if they allowed Ye Futian to repeat the feat, the various Buddhas of Western Heaven would be disgraced.

Right then, Shenyan Arhat stood up. The Light of Buddha circled around him, and immediately the gazes of the various Buddhas turned towards him. Was he finally making his move?

Right now, unless Shenyan Arhat stepped forward, it was possible that no one could suppress Ye Futian.

Tongchan Arhat was also present. He was at the same level as the Shenyan Arhat. He looked down below. His enchanting gaze seemed to reveal a faint smile. When Ye Futian first arrived in Western Heaven, the various Buddhist cultivators all knew of his arrival. Tongchan Arhat had personally gone to meet Ye Futian. He never thought that Ye Futian was far more talented than they had imagined. Not only had Ye Futian stirred up a storm in Six Desires Heaven, but he had now single-handedly fought his way up Spirit Mountain. He wanted to imitate Donghuang the Great’s feat and defeat the various Buddhas.

Now, the arhats had no choice but to meet Ye Futian head-on.

Shenyan Arhat floated above Ye Futian. His pupils were terrifying as they emitted golden Light of Buddha. Ye Futian’s manner was equally imposing and not at all inferior to his. With the aid of Mahavairocana, Ye Futian managed to defeat all the Buddhist cultivators along the way and had arrived at this stage.

“Please give me some pointers,” Ye Futian said politely. Shenyan Arhat placed his palms together and replied, “Likewise.”

Although both sides bore animosity for each other, their conversation sounded amiable. However, once they finished their verbal exchange, the Palm of Mahavairocana immediately charged forward and crushed the space. Intense rumbling could be heard as it lunged towards Shenyan Arhat.

Shenyan Arhat’s body still floated in midair and had not moved an inch. His Light of Buddha shone brilliantly, and a gigantic illusory figure of Buddha appeared. It then transformed into an enormous ancient golden Buddha.

At this very instant, it was as though all the powers in the heavens and earth were under the control of Shenyan Arhat. With his body at the center, a gigantic and boundless illusory figure of Buddha appeared on Spirit Mountain of Western Heaven. Even Ye Futian was enveloped within this illusory Buddha. In reality, the entire Spirit Mountain was encompassed within it.

However, the cultivators could not see the illusory Buddha figure with their naked eyes since they were within it. They could only detect it with their senses. If they leaped up into the high heavens and looked down below, then only could they see the gigantic illusory Buddha figure.

The Palm of Mahavairocana struck the golden shield around Shenyan Arhat’s body.

However, this time, unlike before, neither the golden shield shattered, nor was the cultivator hurt.

This time, the golden body of Shenyan Arhat remained sturdy. No cracks appeared on it. It merely shook. On top of that, the space and the entire Spirit Mountain trembled violently. It was seemingly caused by the gigantic illusory Buddha. The gigantic Buddha was shaking.

It was a Battle Form!

When Ye Futian saw this scene, he knew his opponent had similarly coalesced a powerful Battle Form. He raised his head and looked at it. His will scanned the gigantic illusory Buddha that enveloped the space.

From the looks of it, figures at the arhat level were indeed extraordinary. The previous cultivators could not be compared to them.

“It is the Space Battle Form,” a Buddha commented.

“Shenyan Arhat cultivated the Space Battle Form. When in battle, he is one with space. It is his to use and under his absolute control. Although Ye Futian cultivated the Mahavairocana Battle Form, he may be suppressed,” a Buddha added.

Shenyan Arhat had cultivated Buddhist superpowers for many years. He had always been comprehending the Space Battle Form and had cultivated it to a high level. His cultivation plane was also higher than that of Ye Futian. It was possible that he could use this Battle Form to suppress Ye Futian’s Mahavairocana Battle Form.

Right at this moment, Ye Futian suddenly sensed an overbearing pressure acting on him, pinning him to his spot. He could hardly move. It was as though the entire space was pressing against him and locking him to his spot. This sensation was identical to that of the binding technique he experienced before.

However, the pressure acting on Ye Futian now was even more powerful than that of the binding technique.

The space seemed to be under Shenyan Arhat’s absolute control. With a mere thought of his opponent, Ye Futian was trapped within the space.

Rumble. From the Mahavairocana Battle Form, golden Light of Buddha radiated outwards and lit up the space. Terrifying rumbling sounds could be heard. The Mahavairocana Battle Form was shaking, attempting to free itself from the binding technique by expanding. If he were bound to one spot, he would be at the mercy of his opponent.

“Humph!” Ye Futian heard a cold snort. This snort was from Shenyan Arhat. He glanced at the figure who was bound by his binding technique. It wouldn’t be that easy to break free. He would not give Ye Futian the opportunity!

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