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Chapter 1290: Si Mobai woke up

Si Mobai followed the sound of crying and vaguely saw the young lady lying in front of the table, crying in a suppressed voice. This was the Si Feng Pavilion that he was familiar with. The person who was crying was his Lan’er.

“Lan’er, don’t cry. Your husband is here,” Si Mobai reached out his hand and wanted to hug Feng Tianlan. However, his hand seemed to be transparent as it passed through her body. The person who was crying in a muffled voice did not seem to hear his voice.

“Lan’er, your husband is here. Can you see your me?” Si Mobai walked to Feng Tianlan’s side and lowered his head beside her ear, calling out anxiously and gently.

However, she did not respond. She just lay on the table and cried softly. That muffled and suppressed cry was like a fire that burned his heart, causing him to feel so much pain that he wished he could die.

Si Mobai walked behind her and bent down to hug her from behind. His chin gently pressed against her hair, “Lan’er, don’t cry. Your husband is here. Your husband did not leave. I’m here, raise your head and look at me.”

He spoke gently as he tried to wake her up so that she could see him and hear his words. At the same time, he recalled what had happened before.

He had lost track of the black-clothed man. When he returned, he saw that his mother-in-law was about to be taken away by Feng Yunsheng from the spatial rupture. He did not have time to think too much and followed her in. At that time, he wanted to make a move and destroy the spatial rupture to save his mother-in-law.

However, he did not know what Feng Yunsheng had done. The spatial rupture increased its speed, and soon the spatial rupture disappeared as if it had been cut in half.

He felt as if he had fallen into a black hole. Perhaps it was because he was using his Spiritual Force at that time, but the Spiritual Force in his body dispersed in all directions and he did not have the slightest ability to balance his body. Later, he seemed to have fallen into a deep sleep.

He did not know how long he had slept until he heard Lan’er’s affectionate call and the muffled cries, which gradually woke him up from the darkness.

He followed the sobbing sounds and saw Lan’er lying on the table, suppressing her sobs and even calling out his name.

After thinking about it, Si Mobai could not help but frown. Could it be that he was still unconscious and had not woken up? That was why Lan’er was heartbroken and cried very sadly. At this moment, his soul had just left his body and he saw her in this state, but she could not see him nor hear his voice…

The more he thought about it, the more it made sense. Si Mobai quickly calmed down and sorted out his somewhat chaotic and blurry thoughts.

The Shen Family had been exterminated and his mother-in-law was kidnapped by Feng Yunsheng. If he was still in a coma and could not wake up, then Lan’er would have to face all of this alone. She was so petite, how could she face all of this alone?

He had said that he would be by her side, how could he go back on his word.

Since he was unconscious, then he should wake up quickly, so that she would feel less sad and wake up earlier to help her share some of the pain. He had to let her know that with him around, no matter what happened, the sky would not fall.

After thinking it through, Si Mobai no longer longed for the warmth he felt from her body. He lowered his head and kissed her hair gently. In a gentle voice, he said, “Lan’er, wait for me. I will return to your side very soon.”

After he finished speaking, Si Mobai’s body gradually moved away. He saw her raise her head. Her eyes were red as she looked around. Her red lips were slightly parted, and the shape of her lips seemed to be calling his name.

“Lan’er, I will be back very soon,” Si Mobai looked at the painting on the table and said firmly.

Feng Tianlan raised her head and shouted, “Mo Bai.”

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