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Chapter 960 - Volume 9 – Chapter 168: Scattered Gifts [C] (Part 1)  

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Chapter 960 Volume 9 – Chapter 168: Scattered Gifts [C] (Part 1)

Su Zijun didn’t leave this mountain forest right away. She certainly wouldn’t care about the damage to this place.

There were two reasons to stay here. First, she was searching for Lobo’s trail. The Drought Demon fire she exuded was intense. However, with Lobo’s physical strength and the weird bone armor, even if it was burned to death, at least some traces should be left.

But she did not find it.

But Lobo’s spiritual qi had indeed disappeared. At least, it had disappeared for four weeks.

Then again, this gift was delivered directly to her.

Looking at the gift in hand, Su Zijun was lost in thought. Maybe she should open it and see what the boss wanted.

But when Su Zijun wanted to open the box, her vision suddenly became blurred, and she even felt unsteady.

“What happened?”

Su Zijun knelt directly on the ground, spitting out a mouthful of dark blood!

“It’s poison.”

The peculiar blue short blade was smeared with poison! At this moment, Su Zijun was feeling a terrifying toxin in her body, destroying her body frantically!

Drought Demon’s body was robust, supposedly immune to all poisons. But, she couldn’t imagine there would be toxins damaging her body to this degree in an instant.

“Damn, I thought it was a guy who was obsessed with physical power, but I didn’t expect him to use poison…” Su Zijun gritted her teeth, invoking the power within the blood to suppress the crazy toxin raging in her body.

She felt that she could eliminate this toxin, but it would take a while. Worse still, it would be bad if another ambush interrupted her!

Regardless of opening the gift box in her hand or not, Su Zijun quickly left the forest. It was not that she had suffered a loss due to carelessness in her life. It was just that this time a fellow who was not as strong had suppressed her with poison. Sure enough, she was deeply annoyed.

But at the same time, it also showed a warning signal to her. In this world, there was a poison that could harm Drought Demon’s body. Worse still, this was encountered outside of Divine Land!

Not long after, Su Zijun was already far away from this mountain forest. But, she had a sour feeling about it. She couldn’t help but think of the last time she was injured and had to run back to Long Xiruo Hospital with a sullen face. Although she later ran into a butterfly demon in the hospital, her life changed a bit. But, she still couldn’t forget the hurt and humiliation.

Thinking of the injury half a year ago, Su Zijun’s eyes exuded a substantive killing intent.

The two self-proclaimed Transcended fellows appeared inexplicably, saying that she was qualified to join them. However, they gave her a condition to pass through an assessment with an arrogant attitude.

Since she was a child, only the True Dragon of Divine Land, Long Xiruo, dared to mess with her. Su Zijun, who was supposedly on a leisure and relaxing trip, had a wave of unknown anger swelled in her heart. Hence, she confronted these two Transcendents. Unexpectedly, these two self-proclaimed Transcended were surprisingly powerful. They eventually forced Su Zijun to go all out and unleash the third seal within her. Only then could she wound the duo and was able to get away.

Su Zijun was an arrogant person. She had suffered defeat from this group of self-proclaimed Transcended guys. So she naturally wanted to take her revenge. If that stupid Long Xiruo learns about it, I’m going to be a laughing stock for a long time.

However, Su Zijun found nothing about Transcended, only knowing the name of one of the two Transcended originally invited her.

A demon beast woman named Le Cachtice.

Su Zijun walked swiftly and didn’t care what direction she was heading. She didn’t look at the map, but she found information about another base when she destroyed the club’s base in the Immortals Trail Forest.

This time she planned to find a safe place to get rid of the toxins while heading towards the other base.

But she didn’t know that toward the direction in front of her, it was a land of war and chaos.

The Middle East.

Wolf King Lobo felt like his body fell apart and was thrown on the ground casually. Thinking of the fire that Princess Xuan Yuan Royal Family spit out at the end, Lobo still had a lingering fear. If he faced it directly, would he be able to fend for himself?

But Lobo cared more about the environment at this time than that hypothesis. It was obvious that he was saved.

That twisted vortex.

Lobo got up from the ground. The surrounding area was not a forest but a luxurious modern apartment. The space was split in an instant, allowing Lobo to come to this place from Immortals Trail Forest!

What appeared in front of Lobo was an old man who looked ordinary with unkempt hair. Judging from the appearance, the old man was at least over eighty years old!

Lobo didn’t even feel the supposedly robust spiritual qi of the elites from the old man. But obviously, it was this old man who rescued him from the flames which the Princess Xuan Yuan Royal Family launched.

“Who are you? Why do you save me?” Lobo frowned while checking his physical condition.

At this time, the gray-haired old man walked up to Lobo with a smile, put on the monocle, and assessed Lobo’s body. That gaze was like those analyzing precious gems.

This made Lobo extremely uncomfortable. He wanted to retreat but suddenly realized that his body was unable to move. He was utterly imprisoned by an invisible thing at this moment.

“Young man, don’t be afraid. I’m just curious to look at your body. Hmm…” The old man nodded his head repeatedly while assessing at this time, “Young man, you surprised me. Your body has at least undergone 70 major transformations, and more than 50 details are adjusted too. It is hard to imagine how strong your will is to endure such inhuman torture.”

Lobo stared blankly, then startled! He didn’t know the origin of this old man, but if the old man just looked around and noticed the secret in his body. That would be too terrifying.

“Who are you?”

The old man finished looking around and waved his hand. Lobo suddenly felt his body loosen, and he had regained his freedom.

At this time, the old man said slowly, “My name is Einstein. I’m a Transcended too.”


Lobo frowned, feeling like he heard this name somewhere, but he couldn’t recall it in a while, “Transcended?”

“Yes, Transcended.” The old man named Einstein smiled at this time, “In my opinion, Transcended is the unrestricted fellow between the gap of two different rules: science and transcendence. I didn’t save you for anything else but recruit you. Wolf King Lobo, are you interested in joining us?”

“Join your side?” Lobo narrowed his eyes.

Lobo didn’t care what force he joined, as long as he could gain a strong power. When he became the Michael Club’s Divine General, the same rule applied — as the other party had attractive benefits for him!

“Yes, join us.” Einstein nodded, “We need to have more talented partners. I don’t know the reason why you were selected, but you’re just delegated to me. I came here to be your examiner. When you finish the examination, I will be your leader.”

“What’s the benefit of joining you?” Lobo was relatively straightforward.

“There are many benefits.” Einstein thought for a while before he said, “For example, it can give you enough power to topple the Divine Land’s Greedy Wolf Clan.”


“Don’t make a fuss.” Einstein said indifferently, “Since you’re chosen, we naturally know everything about you. We exist in the gap between the scientific side and the transcended side. It’s even difficult for the world’s will to monitor. Hence, it isn’t difficult to find out information about us.”

Lobo frowned and suddenly asked, “How many Transcendeds are there?”

“You will only know after you have completed the assessment and officially become one of us.”

Lobo stared at him fiercely. Although this old man seemed ordinary, he could render Lobo immobile simply by waving his hands. The mysterious power was more intimidating than the Xuan Yuan Royal Family’s princess.

“My backer is the Michael Club,” said Lobo abruptly again.

He deliberately mentioned Michael Club to see the old man’s reaction. After all, Lobo knew more about the Michael Club than the unknown Transcended. It was even difficult for him to find any organization outside of Divine Land that could be compared to a behemoth like Michael Club.

“Of course, we know that you are a member of the club, and you are also one of the twelve Divine Generals.” Einstein smiled, “But for us, there is no obstacle. Joining us does not mean letting you leave the club. Although the club’s ideal conflicts with ours, the general direction is the same. What do you think?”

Lobo sneered, “You just asked me to join you, but you didn’t show me any benefits, just a few words. Isn’t this too simple?”

Einstein smiled and said, “We can save you in that situation without knowing it. Isn’t that enough to prove anything by itself?”

Lobo was silent but looked at Einstein and suddenly said, “I want your power. Can that work?”

Einstein did not refuse but said with a warm smile, “The essence of my ability comes from science. I have reached the stage of the first Truth. You can learn, but you need to learn from the initial foundation. There are relatively few transcended people like me. I’m also happy to see one more companion who can discuss the Truth with me in the future.”

“I can combine demon beast power with human cultivation power. There is nothing in this world that I can’t learn!” Lobo sneered.

Einstein waved his hand, and a small crack suddenly appeared at head’s height. In the crack, a large number of thick books fell like bricks. In the blink of an eye, they were piled up like a hill.

Lobo frowned, thinking they were all books on secret techniques. When he picked up a book in his hand and read it, he frowned. The title of the book was “Euclidean Geometry.”

Lobo closed the book in the end and decided to read them all at some time later. Even if he couldn’t understand, he would memorize them all first.

“Well, I can join you, but you can’t limit my freedom!”

“There is no free meal. But, you won’t be empty-handed if you commit.” Einstein chuckled, “Young man, be more prudent. Also, you need to pass an assessment before you join.”

“What is the assessment?”

Einstein looked at Lobo at this time with a happy smile, “I have thought about the content of your assessment. Do you want to be my experimental subject? I’m currently studying the subject of quantization, and I am missing an experimental subject.”

Subject? Research?

Lobo frowned. He gained his current power because the club had invested many resources in him and granted him a terrifying transformation. He thought he could sustain pain worse than the underworld. Now, what kind of experiment in this world could trouble him.

“Good! I promise you!”

Einstein clapped his palms happily at this time, “That’s great! Mr. Lobo, let me get the servant to serve dinner. How about we eat turkey tonight? Oh… I forgot that you still have injuries. We should get a lighter meal. Um… That’s fine. I’ll leave for a while and find a friend. He has a lot of medicines to treat injuries…”

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