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Chapter 2458 - Bring You Home!

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Chapter 2458: Bring You Home!

Powerhouses that filled the sky fell one after another.

Places that the gray-pupil Ye Yuan passed by, not a blade of grass remained!

Everyone was desperately closing in towards Tian Qing, only hating their parents for not giving them another pair of legs.

At this moment, the power of the gray-pupil Ye Yuan was displayed fully!

Only then did the Heaven Lineage powerhouses know why Lord Tian Qing did not let them provoke the gray-pupil Ye Yuan.

This consequence was too terrifying!

But just as everyone was frightened by the gray-pupil Ye Yuan’s lethal power, at that shattered void where Ye Yuan’s divine soul was originally standing in, clusters of gray-colored particles gathered from all directions and quietly condensed and took shape.

The gray Ye Yuan divine soul condensed once again!

Tian Qing felt something and looking over to this side and his expression could not help changing wildly.

“This … How is this possible? This progenitor’s strike earlier, even if a Dao Ancestor withstands it forcibly, it’s certain death too! He … He’s actually fine?” Tian Qing said with a look of shock.

He had clearly already wiped out Ye Yuan’s divine soul just now.

But now, that divine soul recovered again!

The gray-pupil Ye Yuan’s eyes also became slightly intent, stopping the killing.

He did not know what Ye Yuan’s divine soul experienced. When he saw Ye Yuan being killed earlier, he instinctively wanted to kill.

But now, even he was also incomparably surprised.

Under that horrifying attack, Ye Yuan could actually still recover!

Furthermore, it looked like Ye Yuan’s divine soul was not damaged at all!

This sort of thing was a little too magical.

Each of the divine race powerhouse present there was inexplicably shocked.

Who could have thought that a wisp of a divine soul could actually remain perfectly unscathed under Progenitor Tian Qing’s attack?

This kind of thing was a fantasy tale in itself!

Ye Yuan looked at Tian Qing and said with a smile, “Looks like this chaos origin divinity is still a little useful. Uh, that just now at least proved that there’s already no one in the Heavenspan World who can truly kill me, is it this logic?”

Tian Qing opened his mouth, wanting to refute.

But he suddenly discovered that what Ye Yuan said made a lot of sense

Even he could not kill Ye Yuan. So who else could kill him?

This was genuine undying and imperishable!

Although he, Tian Qing, was known as the number one person, undying and imperishable, he was still rather apprehensive of the human race’s nine great Dao Ancestors.

If they really fight to the death, there might be the risk of dying too.

But Ye Yuan was truly undying and imperishable!

Now, even if Ye Yuan stood there and let him kill, he could destroy Ye Yuan’s physical body, but could not destroy Ye Yuan’s divine soul!

His divine soul was undying and imperishable!

This was terrifying!

Ye Yuan’s divine soul was even stronger than his physical body!

“You … What on earth did you experience in the ancestral land?” Tian Qing said in shock.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Even if I said it, you won’t believe it too! But you rest assured, one day, I’ll come and rescue your divine race!”

Tian Qing’s expression turned dark and he said, “Ridiculous! My divine race stands above the myriad races, why do we need someone to come and save?”

Ye Yuan shook his head slightly and said with a sigh, “Speaking of which, you all are also a bunch of pitiful people. Tian Qing, can’t you all live in peace with the other races? The Heavenspan World is so big, it’s also not that there isn’t a place to accommodate you all, why do you have to fight until either you die or I perish?”

Ye Yuan knew that even if he recounted the matter in that space, Tian Qing they all would not believe it too.

Because of Li-er’s matter, Ye Yuan hated the divine race immensely.

But now, he could not hate anymore.

The divine race was also a group of pitiful people. They were merely being exploited by someone.

As for where these Eight Extreme Divinities came from, it seemed like some research was still needed.

But Ye Yuan was certain that these Eight Extreme Divinities were surely existences above Dao Ancestor!

Fortunately, the Eight Extreme Divinities here seem to be already refined and did not have much individualistic consciousness.

Sure enough, Tian Qing gave a cold snort and said, “My divine race will never be able to coexist with the myriad races! We must dominate the Heavenspan World! We have to take back what belongs to us!”

Ye Yuan shrugged and said smilingly, “Perhaps in the near future, you’ll change your mind.”

After he finished talking, he looked towards the gray-pupil Ye Yuan and said with a smile, “Are you going back yourself or making me invite you back?”

The gray-pupil Ye Yuan’s eyes were still icy-cold. But very soon, his consciousness receded like the tide.

The grayish-white pupils gradually regained their clarity.

The gray-pupil Ye Yuan had long seen through that the present Ye Yuan’s divine soul was too strong. He was not a match at all.

With the gray-pupil Ye Yuan’s calmness, he naturally knew how to make his choice.

The gray-colored Ye Yuan’s figure moved, returning into his physical body.

Ye Yuan returned again!

With his divine soul returning to his body, Ye Yuan felt completely different.

At this time, he had a feeling of overlooking the world.

It was not that his strength was powerful to the extent of overlooking the world. It was that his divine soul communicated with heaven and earth. The perspective of looking at the world became completely different.

If he was looking up to Heavenly Dao in the past, then now, he could compete with Heavenly Dao!

His divine soul was seemingly able to reach above the ninth heaven, overlooking the world!

All kinds of laws, all sorts of rules, seemed to have become very simple when trying to comprehend them with Ye Yuan’s current chaos origin divinity.

Originally, he needed to interpret and analyze things bit by bit.

But now, he was standing from the perspective of Heavenly Dao to look at them and comprehend things. Everything seemed to be so simple.

“This is the chaos origin divinity? Seems pretty good!”

Ye Yuan’s divine soul had an indescribably sense of invigoration.

A person’s greatest pleasure was not the pleasure of the physical body, but the pleasure of the soul.

Currently, Ye Yuan’s chaos origin divinity returning to his body, his soul reached this realm!

This sort of feeling was what he had never experienced before.


Ye Yuan’s figure moved, arriving in front of Yue Mengli.

Facing Yue Mengli again, Ye Yuan’s mental state was already completely different.

His fingers ran through Li-er’s hair, scaring her until she was abruptly about to avoid.

But Ye Yuan grabbed her and kissed her.

All of the divine race members were dumbfounded.

This … Was showing affection in front of so many people really good?

However, it was so sweet!

When the divine race girls saw this scene, many of them revealed besotted looks.

Which girl did not want their man to be peerlessly domineering and overlook the world?

Yue Mengli’s man was someone that even Lord Tian Qing could not do anything to.

Wasn’t it normal to be a little more domineering?

Li-er struggled fiercely, wanting to break free from Ye Yuan’s embrace.

But at this time, it was as if she lost all strength.

After a long time, their lips parted.

Ye Yuan had a light smile as he looked at Li-er and said, “Wait for me. It won’t be long before I’ll come and bring you home!”

Li-er blushed, but said, “This place IS my home! Even if it’s going home, it’s also us fighting back to the Heavenspan World! Ye Yuan, our race is different. In the future … In the future, best that we don’t meet again!”

At this point, her tears burst forth uncontrollably.

But Ye Yuan did not care, lightly caressing her hair as he said smilingly, “Silly girl, you’re my, Ye Yuan’s woman, and forever will be my Ye Yuan’s woman! Don’t care what race you are, and also don’t care who you are. You are my Ye Yuan’s woman! No one can change this! After I return, I’ll break those eight idols. Then I’ll bring you home!”

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