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Chapter 2460 - Mettle!

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Chapter 2460: Mettle!

“Stop looking! He won’t come, and he also won’t dare to come! Huhu, who do you think you are? You’re merely a dog under him. He made use of you all to fight battles across the land, performing meritorious exploits, bolstering his name of Saint Azure. Do you feel that he’ll risk his life for a dog?”

Lin Huan looked at the Wan Zhen who was tied onto the wooden stake and said with a disdainful smile.

Today was the day of the execution. The first target was Wan Zhen!

Wan Zhen had his divine sea sealed and was fixed onto the wooden stake with Origin Enlighten Mountain’s unique method, being unable to move at all.

He looked toward the horizon from time to time, not that he was longing for that figure to appear.

On the contrary, he was worried about that person showing up!

Regardless of the friendly relation between them, that person was humanity’s last hope.

If he folded at his own people’s hands, the human race would really have no hope.

Wan Zhen was different from the rest. His plans were very big, harboring the world in his heart.

It was also precisely because of this, that his relationship with Ye Yuan was the best.

Hearing Lin Huan’s ridiculing, he sneered and said, “When we were fighting at the front-lies, where were you all, these lords? Really want to talk about exploiting, it’s also you all, these despicable and shameless people, who are making use of the myriad races’ powerhouses, right? Does the name of Saint Azure need to be proven with this kind of battle? Huhu, if I were a dog, then you’re even less than a dog and pig!”

Lin Huan’s face turned grim and he said in a cold voice, “What a joke! If not for our family’s ancestor and the eight great Dao Ancestors garrisoning, the Heavenspan World would have long fallen! You also dare to show off in front of this emperor with that bit of meritorious deed?”

Wan Zhen laughed loudly when he heard that and said, “Hahaha … it’s really making me die of laughter! Your family’s ancestor garrisoning? They were planning how to get the secret on Ye Yuan, right?! If they’re really doing it for the human race, they would have long gone to the Abyss World! If they are not going now, could it be that they are waiting until after Heavenly Dao Samsara before going?”


A resounding slap landed on Wan Zhen’s face, directly slapping until he spat a mouthful of blood.

How heaven was the slap of a Deva Fifth Blight?

Lin Huan snorted coldly and said, “Razor-tongued! At present, Ye Yuan’s traitorous name has already been established. I want to see how he is going to face the heroes of the world!”


Wan Zhen spat a mouthful of blood and said disdainfully, “Just the likes of you also dare to call yourself a hero? Where’s your face?”

By the side, Lin Lang said disdainfully, “Third Grandpa, stop talking rubbish with him! The hour has arrived, do it!”

Lin Huan nodded his head and said in a loud voice, “The hour has come. It looks like Ye Yuan has long already broken his faith, and he defected to the divine race! It’s impossible for him to come anymore! Of course, Wan Zhen was in collusion with Ye Yuan and let Daymeld go together! The most heinous of crimes! Now, this emperor will execute justice on behalf of heaven, and deal out capital punishment to him!”

Lin Lang stepped forward, holding a jade plate in his hand.

Rows of exquisite short knives were placed on the jade plate.

This short knife was called Devastation Bone Gnawing Knife, an extremely cruel punishment tool.

With this short knife penetrating into the body of a martial artist, it would slowly cut off the martial artist’s life vitality. However, they would not die right away.

That sort of feeling was even more painful than being sliced to a thousand pieces!

Lin Huan picked up a small blade and waved it in front of Wan Zhen and said smugly, “Punk, you’ve presumably heard of the Devastation Bone Gnawing Knife before too, right? Today, I’ll let you have a taste of this! This is the outcome of betraying the human race!”


Wan Zhen spat, but sadly, it did not hit Lin Huan.

It was just that his face did not have any trace of fear. What could be seen there was only anger.

He was angry for failing to live up to expectations!

He mourned his misfortune!

The nine Dao Ancestors being humanity’s strongest people were actually people who turned their back on the world for their own selfish interests!

Seeing that Wan Zhen was not afraid, Lin Huan could not help feeling a little dull.

But he did not care, he had not seen anyone who could survive under the Devastation Bone Gnawing Knives!


Lin Huan did not hesitate in the slightest, directly plunging a knife into Wan Zhen’s heart position.


A feeling of being penetrated into the deepest part of the heart instantly spread throughout his four limbs and bones.

Wan Zhen could not help but let out a muffled groan, cold sweat instantly drenching his whole body.

But he endured forcefully and did not cry out.

Lin Huan’s brows furrowed slightly, very unhappy with Wan Zhen’s behavior.

At this time, he should be hurting until he knelt on the ground and begged for mercy!

“Huhu, can really endure huh! This emperor wants to see how long you can hold out for!”

Lin Huan laughed coldly and plunged another knife in.


Wan Zhen let out another muffled groan, but he still stubbornly did not make any sound.

“H-Huhu, are you very disappointed? Do you think that I won’t be able to stand it and open my mouth to beg you for mercy? You’re thinking too much! There are no cowards among Lord Saint Azure’s subordinates! Just you … bring it on. If I were to make a sound, I, Wan Zhen, am not worthy to be Lord Saint Azure’s subordinate!”

Wan Zhen gasped the cold air as he said.

Lin Huan’s expression became very ugly.

And Wan Zhen’s stubbornness also made many powerhouses extremely moved.

“Such mettle, even if you beat me to death, I also won’t believe that Lord Saint Azure will betray the human race!”

“Yeah! As the saying goes, a crooked stick will have a crooked shadow! Facing the punishment of the Devastation Bone Gnawing Knives, he didn’t even bat an eyelid. This is absolutely not what a traitor can do!”

“It’s too much! Really too much! I feel that Dao Ancestor Life is simply throwing dirty water!”

… …

Everyone knew the terror of the Devastation Bone Gnawing Knife. Using terms like bone-festering and overwhelming the soul to describe were also not over the top.

But facing such a terrifying punishment, Wan Zhen actually kept a straight face. How strong of a willpower did this require?

Even the subordinates had such a strong will, how could Saint Azure himself possibly betray humanity?

A lot of discussions transmitted into Lin Huan’s ears, making him even more enraged.


Another knife!

However, Wan Zhen still only gave a muffled groan.

His complexion was already as pale as paper. He was clearly in agony to the extreme.

But he still did not flinch at all!

Just like that, one blade after another, Wan Zhen did not make a sound from start to end.

Several times, he fainted from the pain and woke up again from the pain.

But even so, he did not cry out.

He used his own actions to defend what he said!

Lin Huan’s expression became more and more ugly.

He did not expect that this Wan Zhen to actually be so stubborn.

“Humph! Since that’s the case, go to hell then!” Lin Huan took another knife and was about to stab into Wan Zhen’s body.

“Stop!” Right at this time, an angry roar came over.

A peerlessly powerful aura approached from afar.

This was the aura of a rule powerhouse!

At virtually the same time, a powerful aura similarly swept up from the direction of Origin Enlighten Mountain.

Sacred Ancestor High Priest looked at Ancestor Fire with a wrathful face as he yelled angrily, “You all are too much! Immediately stop the execution! Otherwise, this ancestor will definitely go on a killing spree today!”

Ancestor Fire just said coolly, “Fellow Daoist Wing, this boy’s traitorous name has already been confirmed. Executing him in front of the world now, you don’t have a reason to intervene!”

Sacred Ancestor High Priest said furiously, “Screw you! Who confirmed it? What evidence do you have?”

Ancestor Fire did not get angry either and said coolly, “He and Ye Yuan let Daymeld leave! This is an iron-like fact!”

Sacred Ancestor High Priest nearly fainted from anger and said angrily, “Weng Xian, I was really blind, to have actually refined pills for you, this ingrate!”

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