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Chapter 2097 - Apologize? Impossible!

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Chapter 2097: Apologize? Impossible!

Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

Did Mo Fan remember the wrong date?

He already asked the junior who was on duty at the Three Step Tower to remind him of the time. Did that idiot tell him the wrong time?

How could this happen? The Zu Clan treated the duel as important as a national festival. The Magic Association was using it to get rid of old ideas and beliefs, and to motivate young Mages to become fighters, so it was supporting the duel.

The preliminaries among the young Mages had just finished recently. The rise of young Mages was currently the trending topic, and the duel between Mo Fan and Zu Xiangtian had gotten everyone’s attention.

Yet Mo Fan had skipped the duel that so many people were placing their attention on…

“I must say, everyone thought the people of the Black Vatican had assassinated you since you missed the duel, yet the actual reason was so stupid. What are you going to do now? Being stood up is going to feel worse than being defeated for Zu Xiangtian,” Zhao Manyan said.

“What else can I do? Just reschedule the duel. It’s only a slight delay… is he still at Fanxue Mountain? I’ll go roast him right now,” Mo Fan said.

“He should be there. Since you didn’t show up, Mu Ningxue might fight him on your behalf. You should go now, you might make it in time,” Zhao Manyan told him.

“Damn it, don’t let me find the name of that junior who was on duty at the Three Step Tower!” Mo Fan clenched his teeth.


Mo Fan headed to Fanxue Mountain right away. He realized how serious it was when he saw the number of people there.

“Since when is Fanxue Mountain as popular as the Parthenon Temple? Why are there so many people under the mountain?” Mo Fan exclaimed.

“Just get your ass up there!” Zhao Manyan swore at him.

He had been forced to give Mo Fan a lift with his Magical Wings, as he did not want to take a plane. How many kilometers was it from the Magic City to Feiniao City? His Wings were almost broken by the long flight!

Mo Fan landed on Fanxue Mountain. He initially thought he was going to have a grand entrance, but he could only sneak in via the back door when he saw the people complaining about him down the hill.

The duel yesterday had been canceled. Mu Ningxue was going to fight Zu Xiangtian on Mo Fan’s behalf today. Mo Fan had promised to trample Zu Xiangtian himself. How could he leave the job to his woman?

Everyone was preparing for the duel when he walked into the meeting room. Mu Ningxue had already put on her battle outfit. She looked cool and unusually charming in the tight black outfit.

“I’m here!” Mo Fan said.

Everyone turned around. They all had strange expressions when they saw it was Mo Fan.

“Mo Fan?”

“Mo Fan!”

“Where the hell have you been? Mentor, you have no idea how arrogant that Zu Xiangtian was. He gathered a thousand of his men on Fanxue Mountain to curse you out for the whole day. The words were so terrible that I don’t even dare to repeat them. I even had the urge to tear them into pieces if it weren’t for my lack of strength!” Bai Hongfei said angrily.

“Mo Fan, what happened? Everyone was worried about you.”

Mu Ningxue looked at Mo Fan. She did not speak, but her eyes were full of worry. She finally calmed down after she saw he was okay.

“Ugh, the people of the Black Vatican set me up. I almost ended up like Mu Bai, but I was being awesome and impressive as I usually am. I killed the scum of the Black Vatican and came here right away.” Mo Fan believed it was better to use that excuse after thinking about it.

“I told you it was the Black Vatican. Brother Fan, you’re the best!” Zhang Xiaohou had shown up too. He had purposely asked for some leave to watch the duel.

“It’s not much of a big deal. Am I late?” Mo Fan asked.

“You just fought the Black Vatican. Should I fight the duel on your behalf?” Mu Ningxue asked.

“That won’t be necessary. I can handle it myself,” Mo Fan replied quickly.

“It’s good to see you back. I’ll tell them you are fighting the duel. Mo Fan, you should have seen the people below the mountain. Many people were cursing us because you didn’t show up yesterday. You must make them pay and claim the title of the strongest young Mage!” Mu Linsheng exclaimed.

“Strongest young Mage!” Mo Fan grinned.

He had already won that title at the World College Tournament, yet many were still shunning it. It was time to prove his worth to them. Otherwise, every Tom, Dick, or Harry would keep challenging him to a duel wherever he went to prove he was unworthy of the title.

“Come, let’s go receive our guests!” Mo Fan said.


It felt like Fanxue Mountain was holding a huge festival. Many people enjoyed watching magic duels, but the rules of the Magic Association had taken the chances away. There were only private duels that the rich and powerful could watch. It was the first time that the Magic Association had officially agreed to a duel between two Super Mages!

Mo Fan and Zu Xiangtian were standouts among the younger Mages. Technically, a duel between young Mages was allowed as long as their levels were not too outstanding. Otherwise, it would be difficult to guarantee the safety of the people.

A duel like this was not going to be held close to a city. It was not even suitable to hold it within the safe zone!

The Vice Mayor of Feiniao Headquarters City had made the necessary arrangements. The duel would take place out on the sea.

The Feiniao Maritime Fortress was left in debris after the raid by the sea monsters, and they had yet to rebuild the fortress. Feiniao Headquarters City had assigned Fanxue Mountain to handle it.

The reconstruction needed some careful planning, and they were still busy demolishing the place. There was a lot of work to clear the rubble from the buildings that had been destroyed.

The Vice Mayor had conveniently arranged the duel to take place in the destroyed fortress.

The duel between the two Super Mages would conveniently destroy the rest of the buildings, saving them a lot of work!

“Mo Qiannian is here. He has no choice but to accept the duel because of the pressure from the people.”

“Who’s Mo Qiannian? What does that mean?”

“He’s a thousand-year-old tortoise who keeps hiding in his shell!”

{TL Note: Qiannian means a thousand years.}

“Did he come to apologize?”

“We came all the way here to watch the duel! Even if he was going to miss the duel, he should have told us first. We have been waiting for a day and a night! I seriously don’t know why he’s so popular. I don’t think he is really that skilled. On the other hand, Zu Xiangtian is well-known at the international level!”

The people under the mountain kept ranting, but their words were like the noises of tractors to Mo Fan. He had no idea what they were saying.

“Mo Fan, shouldn’t you apologize to the public now that you are here?” asked the Vice Mayor, who was in charge of the duel.

“Apologize? Impossible, I didn’t ask them to watch the duel in the first place!” Mo Fan disagreed.

“Ugh…” The Vice Mayor was left speechless.

After all, Mo Fan was right. These people had come on their own!

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