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Chapter 2109 - Circle of Crystal Teeth: Heavenly Gate

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Chapter 2109: Circle of Crystal Teeth: Heavenly Gate

Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

Zhao Manyan frowned as he asked Guan Yu, “That terrifying thing is only Zu Xiangtian’s third creature? How is Mo Fan supposed to beat him?”

Guan Yu shook his head, “No, it should be the strongest one he has. I think he skipped the third one because it wasn’t strong enough.”

“It’s still insane. How do you even fight him when he turns into a Kunlun Ancestral Tiger?” Zhao Manyan was worried about Mo Fan now.

“I don’t think it’s a real Kunlun Ancestral Tiger. I doubt Zu Xiangtian’s body and soul could withstand the power of one,” Ai Jiangtu commented from the side.

“Even so, it looks as strong as a Totem Beast! It’s already tough for Mo Fan to fight a lesser Ruler-level creature, let alone a creature as strong as a Totem Beast!” Zhao Manyan murmured.

No other species had a yellow Aura. It was the symbol of the Kunlun Ancestral Tiger!

Mo Fan backed away a little. He had to admit that the Aura was intimidating. He had to keep a safe distance from his enemy while learning its capabilities.

As Mo Fan was wondering whether he should attack or play safe, he heard familiar footsteps close to his feet.

Mo Fan lowered his gaze and saw the round little cub had snuck onto the battlefield without him noticing. The crowd did not notice it because of the shallow water.

“What are you doing? You aren’t pleased with it? Go away, it isn’t your concern!” Mo Fan scolded it.

The little cub had short limbs, and the water was almost above her nose. She tried her best to raise her head, and let out a roar while half her mouth was filled with water.

However, she soon lost her interest when she noticed something was not right about the Kunlun Ancestral Tiger. She spun her legs and swam away!

What the heck?

What was the little cub up to if she only came to roar at the Kunlun Ancestral Tiger and left with disdain in her eyes?

Does that mean that the Kunlun Ancestral Tiger Zu Xiangtian Summoned does not have a pure lineage?

The little cub was a Totem Beast, while the Kunlun Ancestral Tiger was an emperor of the demon creatures. One was from Tianshan Mountain, and the other was from Mount Kunlun. They were supposed to be one another’s nemesis!

It made sense that the little cub had shown up after picking up Zu Xiangtian’s new Aura, but she left immediately when she discovered the Aura was not to her liking.

Was the little cub looking down on the Kunlun Ancestral Tiger?

“That creature should be around the level of a Skyridge White Tiger. The little cub is a Totem Beast, so she’s only interested in the real Kunlun Ancestral Tiger…” Mo Fan roughly understood the little cub’s behavior.

A strong gust swept at Mo Fan and stirred up a huge wave on the sea. Mo Fan had to stabilize himself with the Earth Element.

The little cub might treat the creature with disdain, but Mo Fan could not afford to lower his guard. He had been forced to rely on Apas’ help to escape from a Skyridge White Tiger when it was chasing him. He could not Summon Apas to fight for him under the circumstances. First, Zu Xiangtian might totally lose his mind. Second, Mo Fan did not want to expose Apas’ identity as a Medusa!

He would have to face the Kunlun Inferior Ancestral Tiger by himself!

The Kunlun Inferior Ancestral Tiger was most likely a child of the Kunlun Ancestral Tiger and another Ruler-level tiger. It had half the lineage of the Kunlun Ancestral Tiger and half the lineage of a Ruler-level creature. Zu Xiangtian was most likely slightly stronger than a lesser Ruler-level creature while he was Possessed by the Kunlun Inferior Ancestral Tiger!

A deafening roar echoed between the sky and the sea. Schools of fish far away fled for their lives, while flocks of birds rose into the sky from the forest to the south of Feiniao Headquarters City.

Every living creature within twenty kilometers was overwhelmed by fear. Zu Xiangtian’s terrifying power had immediately shut the mouths of those who had doubted him. The legs of the guy who was mocking him in the crowd were trembling too!

His arms were covered in glowing fur from the Curse Magic. It looked like the fur of a tiger, drifting imperiously in the wind. Not only had his face changed, but his arms and legs had transformed like a demon!

He was standing there unmoving. As a matter of fact, the Kunlun Ancestral Tiger did not walk on four limbs, and normally stood like a human too, a godly warrior in a shiny golden armor made of tiger fur!

“You should consider yourself lucky to see me like this!” Zu Xiangtian stepped forward. With each step he took, his yellow Aura pulsed.

Mo Fan felt like he was experiencing a strong earthquake. His bones were on the verge of breaking!

So this was how strong the Presence of the Kunlun Inferior Ancestral Tiger was? It was a little terrifying, indeed!

A yellow light was accumulating beside Zu Xiangtian’s feet. The sturdy reef broke into pieces when he stomped the ground. The shards flew at Mo Fan under the influence of the light.

The stomp did not merely cause the ground to shake. Mo Fan noticed how wide its area of effect was. It was meaningless for him to try dodging!

“Circle of Crystal Teeth, rise!”

Mo Fan stomped the Floating Reefs Battleground himself. The water nearby evaporated instantly, revealing the shards that had been accumulating since the start of the duel!

The shards stacked up rapidly and formed a thick wall around Mo Fan. Its brown surface made it look like a huge fortress!

Cracks surfaced on the wall when the yellow shards struck it. The cracks glowed with a yellow light that could seemingly penetrate any defense.

“Stop embarrassing yourself with that petty spell of yours. You will never stop me!” Zu Xiangtian took another step forward.

A greater light appeared around his other foot. The next stomp produced more shards than the previous one, and they were a lot stronger, too!

Dense rays of light were flowing like electricity on a complex circuit. They reached Mo Fan’s fortress in the blink of an eye!

“You have underestimated my Earth Element!” Mo Fan took a few steps back and lifted his arms.

He had fought countless rounds with Zu Xiangtian. The man’s Curse Element and Wind Element had provided Mo Fan with a lot of shards. They had almost formed a second coral reef under the Floating Reefs Battleground!

“Circle of Crystal Teeth: Heavenly Gate!”

As Mo Fan Summoned the shards, the whole fortress began to tremble. The magical shards flew out of the water and at Mo Fan like they were being attracted by magnets. They quickly formed themselves into an enormous gate that was taller than a skyscraper!

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