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Chapter 2111 - Let Me Bleed for a While

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Chapter 2111: Let Me Bleed for a While

Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

Zu Xiangtian roared furiously. When he completed the Kunlun Thousand Shadows of Tiger Claws, the multiple cutting tornadoes with diameters of a hundred meters grew even stronger!

It was no longer necessary for Zu Xiangtian to keep attacking. The cutting winds were spinning on their own with great momentum. They almost shredded the Floating Reefs Battleground!

Mo Fan was still in the middle of the tornadoes. The silver light was no longer as bright as it used to be.

Zu Xiangtian had his back to the yellow tornadoes, and was now sporting a menacing grin.

Trying to stop his attack with only mere Will?

Was Mo Fan’s brain flooded with seawater? The Kunlun Ancestral Tigers were known for their unstoppable attacks. They would tear their enemies into pieces whenever they made their moves!

The tornadoes began to spread further, and the Barrier struggled to withstand its force. A huge force had penetrated it!

Luckily, the Mages who were maintaining order had asked the crowd to back away as a safety precaution. Otherwise, there would definitely have been casualties.

This was the main reason why the Magic Association did not allow Mages above the Advanced Level to duel one another: it was too difficult to maintain safety! Those who were injured were usually the Mages who thought they were good enough to watch the duel at a close distance, not the people who did not know magic!

When the tornadoes dissipated, the old fortress looked like it had just gone through a terrifying storm.

The old fortress was naturally divided into ten blocks. The blocks around the Floating Reefs Battleground were the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth blocks. Almost a hundred buildings in these areas were caught up in the tornadoes. The walls, floors, and bridges were covered in gashes over half a meter deep, from five to thirty meters long!

It was only the residual energy of the tornadoes, yet anyone who came to the fortress would assume it had just been invaded by a horde of demon tigers after seeing the dilapidated buildings!

The tide had begun to recede.

The Floating Reefs Battleground was unique because the reefs would be exposed above the surface when the tide fell. They would be completely dry in an hour or two under the constant blowing of the sea breeze.

The tide fell very quickly. Some reckless fish did not manage to follow the others back to the sea. They were bouncing on the reefs. Most of the fish were shredded by Zu Xiangtian’s attack. Their remains and blood had returned to the sea together with the falling tide.

A clownfish was flopping continuously under Mo Fan’s feet, trying to make its way back to the sea.

Mo Fan looked at the clownfish that had survived and smiled.

When Zu Xiangtian made his move, there was a school of clownfish under Mo Fan’s feet, numbering about a hundred.

The waves were strong, and the clownfish were forced to leave with the tide. Most of the fish had already fled because of the duel between Mo Fan and Zu Xiangtian, but the school of clownfish could not get away.

The little creatures had noticed they were in danger when Zu Xiangtian attacked with the tornado, and fled in all directions in great panic. Some headed for the holes in the reefs. Some tried to swim back to the sea. The only clownfish that had survived trusted Mo Fan and believed the area protected by the Will of Steel was the safest spot.

It had stayed under Mo Fan’s feet to be protected by him!

“You are smarter than your friends. It’d be a pity for you to die because of the falling tide!” Mo Fan held the clownfish in his hand.

He walked to the edge of the Floating Reefs Battleground and put the clownfish back in the water.

The clownfish calmed down after it returned to the water. It swam close to the reefs in a few circles before disappearing into the vast sea.

Mo Fan’s action had silenced the crowd. The people were staring at him in confusion. He was covered in cuts and bruises!

The fish might be alive, but he was severely injured!

Zu Xiangtian’s attack was stronger than he had thought. His Will of Steel was already stronger than it normally was, yet he was still wounded!

“Oh my, The Demon King is so kind!” a woman among the crowd suddenly screamed. It sounded like Ai Tutu’s voice.

The woman who was screaming among the crowd was actually Ai Tutu. Mui Nujiao was beside her, both of them worried about Mo Fan. The VIP seats were fully occupied when they came, so they had no choice but to blend in with the crowd.

“Being kind isn’t going to help him. He’s already covered in so many wounds. He’s bleeding badly. He already lost!” someone snickered in a displeased voice.

“He could have stayed away, yet he insisted on putting up a front. He’s already at his limit! You girls are so petty to focus on something so insignificant!”

Ai Tutu pointed at the person and snarled, “What the Hell do you know, you piece of shit? The Demon King’s attempt to protect the fish and put it back in the water is so cool! I’m his fan from today on!”

“Tutu, didn’t you say Zu Xiangtian was your idol when you first arrived?” Mui Nujiao whispered.

“But his Body-Borrowing Curse Art looks so ugly. He’s nowhere as handsome as The Demon King when he crouched down and scooped the clownfish up. I want to be held like that too. I want to be protected like a happy clownfish!” Ai Tutu exclaimed.

Mui Nujiao pouted. She could not help but think how childish Ai Tutu was. Still, she had to admit that Mo Fan’s action was a little… eye-catching.

Women were a special species. Many of them were focused on Zu Xiangtian’s handsome appearance not long ago and were despising Mo Fan for being arrogant. Most of them were leaning toward Zu Xiangtian.

However, Mo Fan immediately won the hearts of many women with his little action.

Was Mo Fan really protecting the fish?

The fish’s wellbeing was none of his business. He just thought the little creature was unusually smart to stay under his feet. Mo Fan had always been friendly toward creatures who were smart and intelligent.

The wounds on him were burning with the seawater. It turned out that his Will alone had not been enough to defend himself from Zu Xiangtian’s attack. He was covered in cuts and bruises as a result. They might not be deadly, but they would definitely hinder his performance.

Luckily, being injured was not necessarily a bad thing for him!

“Mo Fan, hurry up and stop the bleeding. You are badly injured!” Zhu Meng urged him loudly.

“Just concede and treat his injuries. Those aren’t normal wounds. He can’t stop the bleeding by burning them!” Zu Bo chuckled.

Zu Xiangtian was laughing now.

Mo Fan was unable to stop the bleeding. He could either admit his defeat and find a Healer to treat his injuries, or continue to fight until he bled to death!

Zu Xiangtian had won the battle. It was still a favorable outcome despite how difficult it had been.

“It’s fine, just let me bleed for a while!” Mo Fan remained standing as blood was pouring out of the wounds and fell onto the reef.

The tide had fallen.

His blood stopped diluting in the water. The drops of blood landed on the reef and slowly permeated them.

Everyone was focusing on the high-spirited Zu Xiangtian and the injured Mo Fan. They did not notice the reef gradually turning crimson and heating up!

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