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Chapter 2296 - Duan Jingtian, You’re Too Powerful!

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Chapter 2296: Duan Jingtian, You’re Too Powerful!

Tian Chenshan attacked using Peak combat power as he knew that to defeat Su Mo he had to go all out.

Nine Spiritual Dragons flew up into the sky as their bodies instantly expanded and each dragon became ten thousand feet long.

The nine giant Spiritual Dragons formed a huge circle as they were swiftly swept away and formed a maelstrom again.

This maelstrom was tens of thousands of feet deep and it was like an endless storm. It was like a doomsday storm that shocked the world.

The maelstrom was formed in an instant and quickly whirled as the inside of it was filled with terrifying Devouring Force.

Under the Devouring Force, the Empty Space exploded and endless energy and Empty Space debris was devoured by the maelstrom.

Even the place where everyone was located could feel the terrifying Devouring Force.

“Not good!”


“How terrifying!”

The faces of the group of disciples changed drastically as they hurriedly retreated, avoiding being directly shrouded by the giant maelstrom.

As the maelstrom was being formed, Tian Chenshen was not idle as he had two palms together and two majestic streaks of Palm Prints bombarded Su Mo.

The Palm Print was like a mountain and it was very powerful. Under the devouring of the maelstrom, it could not resist the attack of the Palm Print.

This was because any warrior with the same level of pouring, under the Devouring Vortex, could not resist the attack of the Palm Print.

Su Mo frowned. He was shrouded by the maelstrom and could naturally feel the Devouring Force.

The Devouring Force of the giant maelstrom was extremely terrifying. Once he touched it, it caused his entire body to tremble. His body could not take it anymore as he immediately flew up into the vortex.

However, the Devouring Force was only a pure absorption power. It could not affect Su Mo’s Divine Elixir, Blood Force and Primordial Spirit.

It had a power over him and this devouring force exerted a great resistance on him.


The giant Devouring Force surged as two terrifying Palm Prints crushed the sky.

Under normal circumstances, Su Mo would not have been devoured and he would only have been attacked by the two streaks of Palm Prints.

Tian Chenshan’s strategy was to have a two-pronged approach. The Palm Prints and Devouring Maelstrom would have an effect together.

Su Mo paid no attention to the Devouring Maelstrom as he wielded the long sword in his hand. The terrifying Chaotic Sword Qi appeared once again and immediately crushed the two palm prints.

Boom! Boom!

Two sounds exploded and shook the Nine Heavens Firmament. Two streaks of Palm Print and Sword Qi instantly exploded, causing an eruption.

The terrifying power swept across the entire platform and destroyed everything.

By the time the power swept across, Su Mo’s figure had already disappeared on the platform.

“Duan Jingtian has been devoured!”

“It seems that Tian Chenshan is going to win!”

“Duan Jingtian is still a little inferior!”

Everyone was instantly shocked to see this. It was clear who had won and Tian Chenshan was going to emerge victorious.

“Oh no!”

The face of Qin’er changed slightly. After being devoured by the Nine Dragons Killing Heaven Primordial Spirit, Duan Jingtian could really be defeated.

The Nine Dragons Killing Heaven Primordial Spirit of Tian Chenshan had the power to devour and blend with the Heaven Devouring Saint Soul, and its power was unimaginable.

“Haha!” Chu Yan’s mouth curled into a sneer. This ending was what he’d wanted to see.

Even Luo Wei secretly heaved a sigh of relief. Without knowing why, he also did not want Duan Jingtian to emerge victorious.

Only the six Elders outside the city were not like the many disciples, thinking that Tian Chenshan would definitely win.

This was because Duan Jingtian was too powerful. Even if he were devoured, he would not necessarily be defeated.

Of course, at present, Tian Chenshan did indeed occupy the Peak.

On the Platform.

“Duan Jingtian, you will be defeated!”

Seeing that Su Mo was being devoured, there was a hint of happiness on Tian Chenshan’s face and he tried his utmost best to control the huge maelstrom.

Su Mo was indeed devoured and sucked into the huge maelstrom. However, to defeat him, this was far from enough.

In the maelstrom, amongst the chaos, it seemed that it was an uncivilized world.

A terrifying and weird force acted on his body and tried to refine him.

Without hesitation, Su Mo immediately activated the Blood Force Physique to the maximum and turned into a thick Armour Energy.

This Maelstrom simply could not refine Su Mo.


With a light shout, Su Mo gathered the thick Chaotic Energy and once again attacked with his sword violently slashing the Maelstrom.


The sword was like thunder roaring. The maelstrom simply could not bear Su Mo’s force. Under such a powerful sword, the maelstrom suddenly collapsed.


The explosion resounded and rang through the Nine Skies. Upon looking outside, one could see a giant maelstrom instantly exploding and it once again turned into nine Spiritual Dragons.


Tian Chenshan glared as his face instantly turned white. Under that sword just now, his Energy had already been injured.

“Oh gosh!”

“He isn’t even defeated like this. Duan Jingtian is invincible!”


The entire crowd was stumped and everyone was stunned. Duan Jingtian was instantly relieved and his combat power was unfathomable.


Chu Yan, Luo Wei, Qin’er were all shocked by how powerful Su Mo was.

Above the platform, Su Mo’s body shone brightly, overlooking Tian Chenyu below.

“Do you want to fight again?” Su Mo asked in a clear voice. That sword just now had already damaged his energy and the Nine Spiritual Dragons were a little wilted.

As such, he did not rush to attack. If his opponent admitted defeat, he would not be bothered to attack again.

“Dream on if you want me to admit defeat!” Tian Chenyu shouted angrily. A dazzling brilliance suddenly flashed in his eyes.

The light was like an invisible wave and its was much faster than the attack as it instantly approached Su Mo.

“Willpower Offense!”

Tian Chenyu would not admit defeat. Although his energy had suffered some trauma. However, the evils did not have much impact on his combat power.

As such, he now had to rely on the Willpower Offense to defeat Su Mo.


Su Mo’s eyes lit up and the Ancient Demon Eye on his forehead suddenly opened and a sharp light burst out.

In the blink of an eye, the dim light collided with the dazzling light.


The Empty Space suddenly fluctuated and the light was instantly fragmented. It was not his enemy at all.

The dim light shattered the brilliance and its speed did not decrease. It directly struck Tian Chenshan and instantly flooded his brain.


A tragic scream suddenly rang out and Tian Chenshan was struck by an attack. His entire body shook as he collapsed on the platform.

The crowd was shocked. This time, victory and defeat was totally clear.


The powerful Tian Chenshan had been defeated completely.

Not only was the mental strength attack in vain, but he was hit even harder by a stronger spiritual attack.

“What a terrifying mental attack!”

“This is the Ancient Demon Eye of the Demon Tribe!”

“How did Duan Jingtian get the Ancient Demon Eye?”

“Is there some secret method to get it?”

Everyone exclaimed and was completely shocked. Not only was Duan Jingtian’s combat power extraordinary, its mental strength was equally extraordinary.

Such a powerful mental attack was much more powerful than any mental attack of the same level.

“Duan Jingtian, you are too powerful!”

Qin’er was roused, his face was somewhat red as he shouted.

It could be said that there were some who were happy, and some worried. Chu Yan and Luo Wei both looked terrible, especially Chu Yan, whose face started to turn pale.

“Hahaha! Not bad, not bad!”

Outside the ancient city, Elder Xuan Tian laughed as his face was full of approval.

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