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Chapter 2297 - I Shall Give All Of You A Chance

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Chapter 2297: I Shall Give All Of You A Chance

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“Congratulations, Elder Xuan Tian. Human Palace has a powerful genius!”



A few elders started to congratulate Elder Xuan Tian. Any forces would consider themselves fortunate to have such a gifted genius.

However, the elders were congratulating Elder Xuan Tian out of courtesy. None of them meant what they had said.

Tian Youwei looked pale. He had expected Tian Chenshan to obtain the top position and he was certain of it.

Another gifted genius was likely to get the second position. However, Duan Jingtian appeared all of a sudden and suppressed everyone..

This is strange. Where did such a gifted genius come from?

Tian Youwei was gloomy. Duan Jingtian had cultivated the Chaotic Energy and he possessed a powerful Sword Primordial Spirit. Tian Youwei believed that it was the Great Rotating Sacred Sword Primordial Spirit and on top of that, Duan Jingtian exuded a strong fighting spirit that seemed to come from the Unbeatable Power.

He possessed two powerful Primordial Spirits. One of them was ranked number 14 on the Archean Martial Soul and the other was ranked number eight. Duan Jingtian was amazing!

Anyone who possessed any of the two Primordial Spirits would have been considered a genius, let alone two.

Moreover, Tian Youwei felt a strong Blood Force gushing out from Duan Jingtian’s body.

The Blood Force power was terrifying and it seemed to be a Supreme Combat Body. On the other hand, it seemed more powerful than a Supreme Combat Body.

At that moment, Duan Jingtian had even displayed the Ancient Demon Eye. He was unbelievable!

Not only Elder Tian Youwei, but the other elders were taken aback as well. If Duan Jingtian were to take on the ordinary martial artists, he could have even contended with a Rank 3 True God, given his combat strength.

With a Rank 1 Advanced True God cultivation level and the combat strength of a Rank 3 Middle True God, Duan Jingtian’s talent in his combat strength had surpassed that of the Favored Ones.

Tian Youwei sighed. Duan Jingtian’s talent was greater than Tian Chenshan’s brother, Tian Chenyu.

“Where did he come from?”

The rest of the elders were baffled as well. They found it hard to believe that Duan Jingtian was that powerful.

Su Mo slowly landed on the platform and looked at Tian Chenshan, who had fallen to the ground.

Tian Chenshan was not seriously injured. After rolling onto the ground, he stood up and withdrew his Nine Dragons Killing Heaven Primordial Spirit.

He looked pale, and as his mental strength had been injured, he would need a long period of time to recover.

Tian Chenshan stared at Duan Jingtian and he felt it hard to accept his defeat. He did not say a word and flew back to the Sovereign’s finger that he had occupied.

Since he had been defeated, he had to admit defeat. If he were to make further comment, it would seem that he was a sore loser.

The entire area was in total silence. The result was apparent. Duan Jingtian would get the top position.

No one had expected such an outcome and if they had not witnessed it, they would not have believed it.

Su Mo stood on the platform and looked at the martial artists whom he had not sparred with. Finally, he rested his gaze on the skinny youth from Heavenly Palace.

“Friend, may I know how I should address you?” Su Mo asked.

He knew that the skinny youth was powerful and there was a possibility that he was Tu Ying. However, since the skinny youth did not disclose his identity, Su Mo was not certain of it.


In a flash, the skinny youth landed on the platform when he heard Su Mo’s question.

“Duan Jingtian, I know that I am no match for you but I still wish to spar with you!”

The skinny youth said with a serious look and he did not answer Su Mo’s question.

“In that case, after you!” Su Mo nodded. He would know if the skinny youth was Tu Ying after they had exchanged blows.

The skinny youth did not say another word. The aura in his body rose, and he lifted his hand, with his palm facing the sky.

All of a sudden, there were changes in the wind and the clouds. Vast energy formed a huge illusory saber with the help of the power of the Void.

The saber was 3,300 meters long and it possessed an imposing aura.


The skinny youth grabbed the huge saber and slashed down hard. The saber smashed the space and moved toward Su Mo at lightning speed to strike him on his head.

Although the blow was ordinary, it was powerful. It became one with the world.

The blow swirled up the power of the world and the aura was overbearing.

“This person is… powerful!”

“He is more powerful than Gui Wuxue!”

“Wow! He is another Favored One!”

When the martial artists saw the blow that had been thrown out by the skinny youth, they were taken aback. The skinny youth had hidden his actual strength from everyone.

Ji Yuesong, Gui Wuxue, and the rest of the people who had obtained a position on the Sovereign’s fingers, were astounded.

Duan Jingtian had proven himself to be another Favored One and he had changed the entire situation. The geniuses found it overwhelming.

Indeed, it’s you! When Su Mo saw the blow, he raised his brows. The skinny youth was indeed Tu Ying.

The blow that the skinny youth had displayed was the same blow that Tu Ying had used when they had exchanged blows back then. The only difference was that the current blow was more than 10 times mightier than before.

Moreover, when the skinny youth threw out the blow, Su Mo was enlightened.

The skinny youth not only had the intention to spar with him, but he wanted to let him know his identity.

He wanted Su Mo to know that he was Tu Ying.


When the huge saber slashed down, the power caused explosions in space. The power was as an ancient sacred mountain that was coming down from the heavens.


Su Mo shouted and threw out a blow with his sword. A formidable Sword Qi shot up to the firmament and slashed hard against the huge saber.


The huge saber cracked at the explosion and it turned into the power of the Void, shooting out in all directions.

“I have lost!”

After the blow, the skinny youth said. Before Su Mo had defeated Tian Chenshan, he had wanted to find out if Su Mo was more powerful than him.

Back then, his strength was almost on par with Su Mo’s and he wanted to find out if it was still so at the moment.

However, after Su Mo had defeated Tian Chenshan, the skinny youth no longer had that thought in his mind.

He knew that he had lost to Su Mo.

Su Mo nodded. Although Su Mo knew that the skinny youth was Tu Ying, he did not expose his identity. Since Tu Ying had kept it a secret and he had not communicated with him, Su Mo kept it that way.

However, Su Mo was puzzled why Tu Ying was in Heavenly Palace and he had kept his identity a secret.

After Tu Ying had admitted defeat, he flew back to the Sovereign’s finger.

“Is there anyone else who wishes to spar with me?” Su Mo did not dwell on it. He looked at the remaining few geniuses and asked. He had defeated four of them and he still had five more people to defeat.

However, none of the five, including Ji Yuesong, dared to take the field and they simply looked at one another.

“Are you admitting defeat?” Su Mo asked when he saw that no one had responded to him.


The few geniuses hesitated. If they admitted defeat without sparring with Su Mo, that would be an embarrassment for them.

However, if they had sparred with Su Mo, they would be humiliating themselves.

They were the gifted geniuses. Basically, they had never been defeated by the younger generation, nor had they ever admitted defeat. They were in a predicament.

It was a tough decision for them for neither of the ways worked well for them.

“Let me give you a chance. You can admit defeat as a group or you can join forces to take me on!” Su Mo’s voice resounded in the area as he looked at the few of them.

Since his objective was to prove himself to Elder Xuan Tian, he would not hold back. He would give it his best shot.

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