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/ Warrior’s Promise /

Chapter 2304 - Feigning Ignorance

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Chapter 2304: Feigning Ignorance

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

Tian Chenyu did not bring anyone with him. He left Heavenly Palace and went alone to the Human Palace.

Not many people in Heavenly Palace knew about Tian Chenyu’s relationship with Di Yihun. Other than Di Yihun, Tian Chenyu was the only one who knew about the third Split-Soul.

The matter could not be announced to the public and they had to carry out the plan gradually.

Soon, Tian Chenyu came to Human Palace and after the disciples had informed the Palace Master about his visit, he was led into the Palace.

“Look! It’s Tian Chenyu Supreme Being!”

“Why is he here?”

“He has an outstanding temperament!”

Tian Chenyu was led by a disciple to the Reception Hall. As he was on his way there, he caught the attention of the disciples..

The title of a Great Supreme Being was not only an honor given to him, it was also a symbol of strength and status.

There were only 10 Great Supreme Beings in the entire Deity Plane and Tian Chenyu was the only one in Reincarnation Holy Court.

Every Great Supreme Being used to be a Favored One and they were the cream of the crop.

Thus, Tian Chenyu was well-known in Reincarnation Holy Court.

Other than the Palace Masters of the Six Palaces and the two people who had been banned, no one was more reputable than Tian Chenyu.

Tian Chenyu was in a white robe. He was good-looking and he had a unique temperament. He placed his hand behind his back as he strode, and soon he came to the Reception Hall.

Ren De was sitting on the main seat in the Reception Hall, looking domineering.

No one else was in the Reception Hall.

“Greetings, Ren De Palace Master!”

When Tian Chenyu walked into the Hall, he cupped his fist and bowed to Ren De Palace Master.

Although he was a Great Supreme Being and well-known in the Deity Plane, he was, after all, a junior. In terms of strength and status, he was still inferior to Ren De Palace Master.

Thus, he had to go through the formalities.

“Tian Chenyu, why do you wish to see me?”

Ren De Palace Master asked with a stern look. Although Tian Chenyu was young, he could not ignore him.

“Ren De Palace Master, have you heard the news about what happened in Reincarnation Ancient City?” Tian Chenyu asked with a grim look.

“What happened in Reincarnation Ancient City?” Ren De Supreme Being looked baffled when he heard the question.

Tian Chenyu’s heart sank and he frowned at Ren De Palace Master’s response.

“Your disciple, Duan Jingtian, performed well in Reincarnation Ancient City. He has suppressed the gifted geniuses from the Six Palaces and he is invincible!” Tian Chenyu replied.

“Is that so?”

Ren De Palace Master looked shocked. Shortly, he said with a smile, “I am not aware of this! I am surprised to hear that we have such a gifted genius in Human Palace!”

“Does Ren De Palace Master not know about this?” Tian Chenyu asked with his face dark. From the look of things, Ren De Palace Master would not cooperate with him.

“I have been in seclusion refining my Elixirs and I am not aware of the things that have taken place in the Palace!”

Ren De Palace Master nodded. He then asked, looking baffled, “Tian Chenyu, has Duan Jingtian offended you?”


Tian Chenyu shook his head. He believed that Ren De knew about Duan Jingtian but he was feigning ignorance.

“Since he has not offended you, what is your purpose in meeting up with me?” Ren De Palace Master asked, looking bewildered.

“Ren De Palace Master, since I am here, let me be frank with you. Duan Jingtian’s actual name is Su Mo and he is the Sovereign’s Split-Soul!” Tian Chenyu said with a straight face and he did not beat around the bush.

He believed that Human Palace knew about Su Mo’s identity.

“What?” Ren De Palace Master looked shocked and he stood up abruptly.

“Are you sure?” Ren De Palace Master asked as he fixed his gaze on Tian Chenyu.

“Yes. Elder Xuan Tian has brought the disciples to Reincarnation Ancient City and I believe he knows about Su Mo.” Tian Chenyu replied, his face dark.

He was furious that Ren De Palace Master was putting up a pretense. It was impossible for him to know nothing about it when it was such a big event.


Ren De Palace Master called out and a disciple walked into the Hall.

“Ask Elder Xuan Tian to come and see me!” Ren De Palace Master.

“Yes, Palace Master!” The disciple bowed and left the Hall immediately.

Tian Chenyu and Ren De Palace Master did not say a word as they waited patiently for Elder Xuan Tian.

Soon, Elder Xuan Tian came to the Hall.

“Father, why have you summoned me?”

Elder Xuan Tian came to the Hall and bowed at Ren De Palace Master after looking at Tian Chenyu.

“Xuan Tian, do you know anything about Duan Jingtian?” Ren De Palace Master asked.

“Father, I was about to report to you about him. He has great talent. When he was in Reincarnation Ancient City, he surpassed the rest of the gifted geniuses!” Elder Xuan Tian said.

“Where is he now?” Ren De Palace Master nodded and asked.

“He has left Human Palace!” Elder Xuan Tian responded.

“Left? Where has he gone?” Ren De Palace Master asked with a frown.

“I am not sure. After we came back from Reincarnation Ancient City, he left Human Palace as he wanted to go and toughen himself up!” Elder Xuan Tian said.

“Go and check where he has gone. You must find him and bring him back to me!” Ren De Palace Master ordered Elder Xuan Tian with a grave look.

“Father, why are you doing this? Has Duan Jingtian broken the rules?” Elder Xuan Tian asked, looking perplexed.

“Just go and locate him. Don’t let him leave Reincarnation Holy Court!” Ren De Palace Master instructed Elder Xuan Tian.

“Yes Father!” Elder Xuan Tian responded and got ready to leave.

Tian Chenyu was cursing in his heart as he watched Ren De Palace Master and Elder Xuan Tian.

The two of them had put on a good show, but he did not believe them.

“Wait!” Tian Chenyu spoke when he saw that Elder Xuan Tian was about to leave,

“Chenyu, my nephew, how can I help you?” Elder Xuan Tian turned his head to look at Tian Chenyu.

As Tian Chenyu’s father was the First Elder of Heavenly Palace and Elder Xuan Tian knew him, he had to address Tian Chenyu as nephew according to the formalities.

“Elder Xuan Tian, Duan Jingtian has great talent. How can you possibly allow him to leave Human Palace?” Tian Chenyu asked. He knew that the two of them were putting on a show.

After all, he had a spy in Human Palace and he knew that Duan Jingtian was still in the Palace.

However, he could not mention it. Since Ren De Palace Master and Elder Xuan Tian had refused to admit it, it would be meaningless for him to expose them. If he did so, it would make the situation worse.

“He is indeed powerful. However, he has to experience the storms of life in order to grow. We can’t insist that he stays in Human Palace!”

Elder Xuan Tian responded. Having said that, he asked, “Chenyu, are you looking for Duan Jingtian?”

“Ren De Palace Master, Elder Xuan Tian, since Duan Jingtian is not around, I shall not stay. I am leaving!”

Tian Chenyu did not reply to Elder Xuan Tian’s question. He cupped his fist and bid them farewell.

It was meaningless for him to stay on. It was apparent that Ren De Palace Master and Elder Xuan Tian were determined to help Su Mo and they were feigning ignorance.

There was no point in carrying on with the conversation.

He had made the trip to find out about Human Palace’s stand, and he had found the answer.

Ren De Palace Master and Elder Xuan Tian watched Tian Chenyu depart, and they looked at each other with a knowing look.

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