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/ Warrior’s Promise /

Chapter 2306 - Zi Xiao Supreme Being

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Chapter 2306: Zi Xiao Supreme Being

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“This is…?”

Palace Master Rende wore a confused look as he stared at the coffin beside Su Mo and the white-shirted lady in it.

“Palace Master, the girl in this coffin is my lover. Do you know how to save her?” Su Mo cupped his fists towards Palace Master Rende and bowed.

“Let me take a look!”

“Palace Master Rende nodded his head before he stood up and walked towards Su Mo from his seat.

Since he had ensured Su Mo his safety, he naturally wouldn’t reject anything that he could do that was within his capabilities.

With that, Palace Master Rende opened the coffin and lightly pressed his fingers onto Qian Xunyue’s wrist..

Su Mo’s heart beat quickly. Palace Master Rende was considered a Supreme Being in Deity Plane, he should be able to save Qian Xunyue right?

After a short moment, Palace Master Rende removed his hand and wore a serious look on his face.

“Palace Master, how is it?” Su Mo nervously asked.

“It will not be easy to save her!”

Palace Master Rende sighed and continued, “The life of the physical body of this woman is gone, but there is still a little will left, although it is very, very weak. Logically speaking, it should have already disappeared. It is a miracle that it is still there!”

“Palace Master, I placed a Soul Recovery Stone in her body years ago. It must have been the work of the stone!” Su Mo recounted. If the Palace Master had said that it was hard, it would definitely have been difficult to save Qian Xunyue.

Thankfully, the Palace Master had only said that the process would be hard, not impossible.

“No, the effect of the stone is already diminished!” Palace Master Rende shook her head. She had naturally found the stone in Qian Xunyue’s mouth.

This was indeed a type of soul recovery object. However, its effects had long been used up.

“Ah! Then how is she making it?” Su Mo’s heart jumped and he realized his carelessness.

If Qian Xunyue’s last will diminished, he would be completely helpless.

“Although this will is weak, it is very resilient. This means that something is anchoring her. It might be a person, an event or some dream!” Palace Master Rende answered.

Su Mi remained silent. What was pulling Qian Xunyue down? Was it himself?

“Palace Master, is there any way to save her?” A few moments later, Su Mo asked.

“There are three ways to save her, but none are easy and you will not be able to complete any now.” Palace Master Rende replied.

After a moment of silence, the Palace Master continued, “The first way is to use a special technique at the place where this girl died. You can gather her broken Spiritual Soul from the Empty Space. If I do this personally, the success rate is twenty percent.”

“Twenty percent only!” Su Mo exclaimed with shock and disappointment. This success rate is too low!

Furthermore, Qian Xunyue died in Firmament World. Although Firmament World had been restored by him, it was in Star Guzhou of the Lower Plane and there was no way to return to it.

“A twenty-percent chance is the best!” Palace Master Render shook his head. In actual fact, he was only ten percent confident. To achieve a success rate of twenty percent, he had to sacrifice his own cultivation and life essence.

It wasn’t easy to revive a person. Although he was a highly-ranked Supreme Being, he could not defy the laws of nature.

“What about the second and third method?” Su Mo based.

The first method was evidently not feasible. Not only was the success rate too low, he had no way to return to the Lower Plane.

“The ranked seventh Martial Soul on the Archean Martial Soul Board is the Life and Death Martial Soul. If you are able to find someone with this Soul, you may have a chance of reviving this woman!” Palace Master Rende informed Su Mo.

“What is the success rate?” Su Mo asked hurriedly.

“The success rate is highly dependent on the cultivation rank of the martial artist. If he doesn’t have the cultivation rank of a Supreme Being, the success rate will only be ten percent. However, if he is a highly-ranked Supreme Being, the success rate could be as high as fifty percent!” Palace Master Rende explained.

Su Mo’s eyes widened. A success rate of fifty percent was pretty high.

“How about the third method?” Su Mo continued.

“The ranked-fourth rule on the Archean Boulevard Board is the Life and Death Rule. The ranked eleventh on the board is Life and it is the Life Rule. If you have these two rules that are comprehended to be above the fifth rank, you will have a chance of saving this girl. Granted, the higher the rank of the Rule, the higher your chance of success,” Palace Master Rende explained carefully.

“Life and Death Rule? Life Rule?” Su Mo pondered to himself. The hope of saving her would only be realized once he reached the fifth rank. The success rate would only be high if he comprehended the rules above the sixth, seventh or even the eighth rank.

“Mm, both these Rules touch on life and death. You don’t need to comprehend them yourself and this woman might not be able to last till then. You can find people who will master these Rules well!” Palace master Rende said.


Su Mo nodded before his voice deepened, “Palace Master, you are highly knowledgeable. Do you know anyone who has the Life and Death Primordial Spirit in Deity Plane? Or anyone who has mastered the Life and Death Rule or Life Rule deeply?”

Su Mo knew that he would need a long time if he were to comprehend the Rules himself.

Furthermore, he didn’t have much time to comprehend a whole new Rule.

“There are quite a number of people who can comprehend these two rules. After all, these Rules are ranked highly on the Archean Boulevard Board. However, no one has managed to master these Rules deeply. Sky Pool Holy Court might have a few who are masters in this area though.” Palace Master Rende sighed.

“Please tell me!” Su Mo respectfully asked.

“In the Life and Death Region of Sky Pool Holy Court, there are quite a number of people who can comprehend Life and Death Rules. A few have mastered the Rules to a high rank. I will recommend someone to you. Although he isn’t a person from Life and Death Realm, he is most suited to your problem.” Palace Master Rende said.

“Who is this?” Su Mo anxiously asked.

“Zi Xiao Supreme Being of Ultimate Sword Domain!” Palace Master Rende introduced.

“Zi Xiao Supreme Being?” Su Mo jumped in surprise.

He had heard previously that Ling Chang and Zi Xiao Supreme Beings were known as the Peerless heroes of Ultimate Sword Domain.

However, back then, he had only heard about Ling Chang and not about Zi Xiao Supreme Being.

No wonder!

No wonder Ling Chang had told him previously that he might be able to save Qian Xunyue in Deity Plane. It must have been because of Zi Xiao Supreme being.

“That’s right. Zi Xiao Supreme Being is like Tian Chenyu, and he is one of the Ten Great Supreme Beings on Deity Plane. Not only did he have the Life and Death Primordial Spirit, his mastery of the Life and Death Rules was high. The chance of saving the woman is high.” Palace Master Rende nodded his head.

“I see!” Su Mo’s exclaimed in realization. With Ling Chang’s help, it shouldn’t be a problem to ask Zi Xiao Supreme Being for help.

However, Su Mo had not expected that Zi Xiao Supreme Being would be one of the Ten Great Supreme Beings, but not Ling Chang.

Nonetheless, Ling Chang was known as the Peerless Hero of Ultimate Sword Domain together with Zi Xiao Supreme Being. Her talents must not have been much worse than Zi Xiao Supreme Being’s.

“Thank you for your guidance Palace Master, I will head back first!” Su Mo took the coffin and bade farewell to the Palace Master.

“Alright, come back and see me tomorrow!” Palace Master Rende waved his hand.

The reason why he wanted Su Mo to leave later was not only to prepare Dawn Stones, but also to make arrangements for Su Mo.

“Yes!” Su Mo nodded before he left and returned to his palace.

Once he’d returned, Su Mo sat alone in his palace for a long time. He was initially prepared to head to Spatiotemporal Region after leaving Human Palace this time. However, it seemed that he had to head to Ultimate Sword Domain first.

“I will go to Ultimate Sword Domain!” After a moment of silence, Su Mo made his decision.

Spatiotemporal Region and Ultimate Sword Domain were both in Sky Pool Holy Court. It wouldn’t take much time for him to head to Ultimate Sword Domain.

He would head to Spatiotemporal Region after reviving Qian Xunyue. Once he was in Spatiotemporal Region, he would take advantage of the speedup of time there to cultivate.

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