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/ Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband /

Chapter 1199 - [Bonus ]Put The Lock

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"What the heck! How did this…." she realized she was forgetting something. 

These marks, it was Lu Lijun's doing. She remembered those moments with him and felt her heart beating faster. The more she looked at those marks, the more her heart and mind became unstable. Her mind started to remember everything vividly though she wished to wash everything out of her mind. 

The way those passionate pitch-black eyes stared at her, the way he held her closer, the way his warm lips sucked on to hers, his teeth trying to bite her, his tongue invading her cavern without resistance, leaving her breathless, and the way he sucked on to her neck. His coarse, warm and moist tongue tasting and rolling on her skin as his teeth and lips sucked it so hard to give her a painful but pleasant sensation and she felt like having goosebumps all over her skin. 

Something was in him, that never let her forget him and his actions. He was just irresistible and with every passing day, it was turning worse. What magic he had in him to make her feel weak and make her not willing to push him away.


Her breathing turned shallow as she stared at herself blankly while remembering everything. She shook her head, 'What am I thinking?' she didn't wish to remember it. 

Just then there was a knock on her room's door and she knew it must be the butler. She was about to step out and then realized, 'Did butler uncle see it when I talked to him? Ahh….they are so clear, he must have seen it.'

She heard movement inside the room and then heard the voice, "Young miss, the dinner is ready. If anything you need, let me know."

Jiang Yuyan didn't reply and the butler left without waiting for her reply. 

"So embarrassing. Thank god no one in the family was awake or I don't know how I would have answered them."

Jiang Yuyan peeked out of the bathroom and saw there was no one. She came out, got ready, and had dinner though she had already lost her appetite with a view of her neck caused by the aggressive actions of a certain young man. 

When she went to the bed, she tried to not think about it but those thoughts kept coming into her mind leaving her heart and mind in chaos. 'I don't want to think about it. I want to sleep,' she kept repeating in her mind and closed her eyes. As if it was not enough, she turned to one side, picked up another pillow, and buried her face under it as if it would keep those memories away from her mind. 


Lu Lijun didn't return to the office but went to Noah's place. Noah opened the door thinking it must be Jake but that was Lu Lijun. 

"Ahh, it's you." Saying Noah turned around keeping the door open to let Lu Lijun enter the home. 

"Were you expecting your guy to return? You should at least hide that you're disappointed to see me," Lu Lijun stepped inside and removed his shoes.

Noah ignored him and sat on the sofa, "Why would I care how you feel when you are just returning after spending some quality time with your wife?"

"Are you jealous now?" Lu Lijun asked as he went to sit on the sofa. 

"My ass!"

"If your ass is that jealous you should have treasured your guy. When the wife is stubborn like you, man can do nothing but run away."

Noah, who was already agitated, frowned and raised his voice, "Who are you calling a wife, huh?"

"You..who else is here?"

"You will surely get a beating from me, Lijun," Noah warned.

"Go ahead," Lu Lijun gave him a slight smirk. 

"Do you want me to throw you out of my home? I am sure you are here because you don't want to return to your wife."

"Hmm," Lu Lijun could only agree. 

"Are you worried you will trouble her?"

"I am sure I will if I go back to her," Lu Lijun leaned back on the sofa, sighing deeply. 

Noah smiled at the situation Lu Lijun was in. "Such a man of culture to spare his wife when he is desperate to eat her."

Lu Lijun exhaled the helpless sigh and said, "Don't remind me, or I will just go back to her. I am sure you want to see your big boss in the office on Monday."

"I have no say in the matter between husband and wife, but I sure pity president Lu as she doesn't know what kind of thing you are."

Lu Lijun looked at him, "As if you know it."

"I sure know you well. The celibate person who suddenly gets the way out for those things, he is the most dangerous man."

"Then, you should be careful of Jake. Don't give me a chance to pity you," Lu Lijun countered. 

Noah scoffed, "He would be the one you will pity."

"That means you have a plan to accept him."

"Don't draw the conclusions on your own. Tell me what was the special day today?" Noah changed the topic. 

"Our wedding anniversary," Lu Lijun replied only to shock Noah. "What? I mean.. Don't know what to say... It's just out of the blue."

"Hmm, even she didn't expect it. For her, that day doesn't even exist to remember it."

"Well, you can't blame her. You were the kid at that time."

"But I am a man now and she knows it well now," Lu Lijun said. 

Noah understood what he meant and cleared his throat, "Cough! I hope you didn't scare her."

"I am sure she must not be able to sleep, thinking about what I had done with her."

"Don't go overboard."

"I know but a little bit of something is needed to shake her up."

"Don't lose it when you try to shake her up."

"I almost lost it today."

Noah sighed. "It's good you came here. Do you want to eat something?"

"Hmm, anything will do." 

"I will order."

Lu Lijun closed his eyes and remembered those memories. Her sweet scent and that soft skin tasted so good that he almost lost himself. He tried not to do anything much but his own body betrayed his mind that he could think about nothing but to have her right there. If she had not pleaded him to let go her, he was sure, he would have ended up doing something to her.

Though she never reciprocated his kiss, today he felt changes in her. Not long that she will kiss him back. Her soft moans still rang in his ears that he wished to go back to her right away and do what he wanted with her. He wanted to hear her more, wanted to see her withering under him…..

'Fuck!' He frowned, 'What am I thinking?'

Noah got water for him and said, "food will be here soon."

Lu Lijun accepted the water and said, "Put a lock on the door so I won't be able to leave your home even if I want to. Just do something."

Noah smiled and nodded, "I will. I care for President Lu more than you."

"Good," Lu Lijun said and continued to empty the water bottle down his throat and Noah could only smile at his pitiful condition.


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