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/ Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband /

Chapter 1200 - You...Pervert!

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Jiang Yuyan woke up early in the morning even before sunrise. She wished to leave home early to avoid meeting anyone in the family. She had a beautiful and colorful design made on her neck that she didn't wish anyone to see. If by chance someone in the family noticed it, how was she going to answer them?

She got dressed up in a high neck top and jeans pants and wore the same white trench coat that Lu Lijun gave her the previous night. Standing in front of the mirror she observed herself to check if everything was perfect. She adjusted the top neck properly and buttoned the trench coat. 

Looking at herself the thought came to her mind, 'Why am I like this as if I am a thief and keeps hiding from everyone. Do I really need to? It's so tiring.' she sighed, 'That kid has turned my peaceful life upside down and I can't even deal with him. Why does it have to be him only? If it was someone else, I would have sent him to the other part of the world to never be able to return ever.'

She checked the time, 'Still too long till everyone wakes up," and walked towards the door to leave. 



Lu Lijun returned home early in the morning as he wished to have breakfast with his grandpa. It was a weekend and he wanted to coax his grandpa who must have been really upset with him for not listening to his order of staying at home last weekend. 

It was early and still dark that no one was awake in the mansion except for the security guards and a few servants. 

Lu Lijun went straight upstairs. He reached the second floor and strode towards his room only to see his woman coming out of the room dressed up covering herself head to toe. 

Seeing him she froze but continued walking as she needed to leave the home. It was the weekend and she had to stay home and it would be difficult to avoid others. 

"Is my wife here to welcome me? I didn't know you already missed me?" said Lu Lijun as he stood in front of her. 

"I am going out," she replied and stepped aside to walk ahead as Lu Lijun had blocked her way. 

Lu Lijun held her hand to stop her, "Why are you in so much hurry to leave? Isn't it enough that I spared you last night?"

Hearing it, anger brewed inside her and she took a deep breath greeting her teeth. 'He is at it again!'

He pulled her with a light tug and made her stand in front of her. "Lu Lijun, I am in a hurry."

He said nothing and observed her as to why she looked so anxious. She gulped and feared he might see what she was trying to hide and will get another chance of troubling her. 

His sight traveled from her face and moved down to check her clothes. His intention was to check if she was clothed properly to go out as it was cold but Jiang Yuyan didn't understand it and felt nervous. Lu Lijun moved his hand to fix the slightly folded collar of her trench coat but she moved back and held the collars as if to think he noticed what she was hiding. 

"Don't touch it," she exclaimed.

It puzzled him. He was just fixing her clothes but now he got suspicious. Lu Lijun held her hand to move it away and checked the collar and then with a finger pulled down the high neck of her top. 

She immediately brushed his hand off and moved back more but Lu Lijun had noticed what she would have. He smiled lightly and held her hand only to take her inside his room that was just a few steps away. 

She tried to pull her hand and said in a low but annoyed voice, "What are you doing? I told you I have to go."

Lu Lijun didn't listen and made her sit on the couch as he sat beside her. "Let me see."

Jiang Yuyan moved back and covered her neck with her hands, "There is nothing to see."

"There is a lot but for now let me see your neck," he said, as a light teasing smile painted on his lips.

"You...pervert," she said hesitantly as she had no other way to deal with him. 

"He nodded, "For you only. Now let me check or you will end up joining the family on the breakfast table."

He sure knew how to scare her as he understood why she was leaving the home and it worked. 

Jiang Yuyan moved her hands away from the neck and Lu Lijun commented, "Good girl as he moved the high neck of her top down."

He observed all those marks on her neck as he looked serious while the woman in front of him was getting buried under the mountain of embarrassment.

When she expected him to pass any shameless remark, it happened opposite, "Does it hurt?"

'What the hell? Why would it hurt? It will go away soon,' she thought and looked at the man who was seriously observing her neck. He didn't look like he was in the mood of teasing her but looked worried. 

He looked back at her and asked, "Did you apply something on it?"

'Shouldn't you feel ashamed for asking me this as you are the reason for it?' she thought and shook her head. 

The previous night she was so shocked to even think about applying something so those marks would go away soon and early morning when she woke up, she was in a hurry to leave.

"Wait here," he said and went to the drawer chest in the room. He pulled out a small tube of cream and went to the couch as he sat opposite her.

He got some gel-like cream on his finger and was about to pull down her top's high neckline.

She held his hand to stop him, "I will do it."

He said nothing but glared at her with the sight full of warning to not stop him. Jiang Yuyan let go of his hand and sat quietly as his sight moved to the serious-looking face of the man. He was taking such normal bruises so seriously. Where she should laugh at him...no way... She couldn't dare provoke him. 

Lu Lijun applied the gel on her neck carefully and sensed her staring at him. 

"Don't get the wrong idea. I never had to do it for any other woman. This cream is given to me by Martha, caretaker of the home in England. My skin is sensitive to get such marks even if someone pinches me. It's to avoid further inflammation on the skin." 

She averted her sight from him and thought, giving out a sigh, 'Why are you even explaining it to me?'

"So that you won't get the wrong idea," he replied to her unspoken thoughts and looked back at her. "I always had only one woman in life and that's you."

'Did he read my thoughts again?' she thought.

"Don't think much," he spoke while putting on the lid of the tube and looked back at her. "When will you return?"

"Not sure," she replied and stood up to leave.

He pulled her to sit back and warned, "If you don't tell me when, I might come after you. You don't know how much I miss you. Especially after our date last night."

She glared at him, "I will return when I want. Why do I have to tell you? All these years no one asked me where I went and when I would return. Why do you have to keep notice of what I do?"

"I should know everything about my wife." He went closer to her and pushed her back on the couch to get the top on her and said, "As you are not willing to tell me then let me make up for the time when I will keep missing you wondering when my wife would return."

She tried to push him away and said angrily, "You just need such a chance to do this and you don't care for anything else."

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